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Dropped kerbs can stop mobility scooter drivers feeling like prisoners

Elderly residents have won a campaign to have dropped curbs outside their homes so they can get to the local shops on mobility scooters. A £2,800 project was rolled out in The Hollies in Maybank, Staffordshire where complaints  had been made over the pavements for some time. Now dropped kerbs have been created meaning those with mobility restrictions are able to [...]

Mobility scooter barred access at Grantham Post Office

A woman who has a disability has been informed she is not allowed in a post office on her mobility scooter. Louise Davies, 61, was in tears after being ‘embarrassed’ when she rode her mobility scooter into the Grantham town centre Post Office, something she has done many times before. She said: “A Post Office [...]

Four buses refuse access to disabled man on mobility scooter

You’ve heard the analogy of no buses for ages and then three come along in quick succession? But you are unlikely to have heard the one about four buses coming along and every one refusing access to a disabled man on a mobility scooter!! Well it happened to a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer who has claimed he [...]

Disabled woman banned from driving her mobility scooter on bus

A disabled woman has told of her humiliation after being refused access to a bus with her mobility scooter. Samantha Jones, 25, claims she wasn’t allowed to board the bus with her scooter, but after arguing with the driver, her fiancé was allowed to drag it on after she had been transferred into a wheelchair. Samantha from Warrington, [...]

Disabled widow & mobility scooter banned from luncheon club

A disabled 89-year-old widow has been banned from attending a village luncheon club because apparently her mobility scooter presents a health and safety hazard. Jean Sleath suffers from chronic arthritis and heart problems which means she needs a mobility scooter to lead an active life. She has attended a weekly luncheon club at the village [...]

EU brackets mobility scooters with golf buggies & dodgems for motor insurance purposes

Golf buggies and fairground dodgems could be added to a long list that ncludes mobility scooters that will in future require motor insurance for the first time under European law. A new EU directive may see full motor insurance become a necessity for all “vehicles”, including those only used on private land. The Department for [...]

Pensioner couple ride down aisle on ‘Just Married’ mobility scooters

Georgina, 94, and her ‘toyboy’ Ray, 86, married in front of their tearful family and friends after falling in love at a care home in Surrey. With tears in her eyes, Georgina exchanged wedding vows with her terminally-ill ‘toyboy’, Ray, promising to love him ’till death us do part’. Later, the newlyweds joyfully rode down [...]

Former POW escapes imprisonment at home courtesy of his mobility scooter

A former British prisoner of war, who’s name is coincidentally “Victor”, who survived the historic Dresden bomb attack has recently talked about his “priceless” new found freedom after struggling with reduced mobility in recent years. Former paratrooper and rifleman Victor Gregg , 97, from Swanmore in Hampshire, survived the horrific and controversial allied bomb attack [...]

Mobility scooters users demand Truro’s historic cobbles streets are “tarmacked over”

Two disabled women have described the horror of being “shaken around like a cocktail” and the daily dangers of trying to negotiate the streets of Truro on mobility scooters. Hester Hitchen, who has been battling a long-term condition for the last decade, told Cornwall Live that she is so tired of the bumpy rides that [...]

Pensioner gets speeding ticket travelling at 42mph on his mobility scooter

Police in North Wales were clearly hallucinating when they issued pensioner James Roberts with a speeding ticket for doing 42mph in a 30mph zone!! The speeding fine listed the mobility scooter’s details and registration correctly. There were, however, two major flaws: 1. That the vehicle has a top speed of just 8mph 2. The 74-year-old was at [...]