Best commode chairs

Looking for the best Commode chair? We selected the best ones so you don’t have to struggle and research which one is good.

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Folding commode chairs

Drive Folding Lightweight Commode, 5 Litre Pany

This is an ideal tool to help commode users enjoy travel and holidays without struggling to use standard facilities that are out of reach. This folding commode is made from lightweight steel and folds away for easy transportation. It comes with a lidded 5-litre pan with a handle.


Homecraft Folding Commode Chair And Toilet Surround

This is a lightweight, sturdy aluminium folding commode with a backrest and comfortable arm supports, and rubber capped chair feet to prevent the commode from slipping on tiles or smooth surfaces. It has a clip-on toilet seat for easy removal for cleaning.

PEALOV Folding Commode Chair

This is a streamlined folding commode that is ideal for the elderly, disabled or while camping when the toilet block is far away from your tent. It has a comfortable backrest and seat. It is a good choice for camping, fishing, boating or a convenient bedside commode for the elderly or those with mobility issues.

Aidapt VR252F folding commode

The Aidapt Folding Commode is a lightweight, portable folding commode that is ideal for people with limited mobility. It is an excellent choice for use where space is limited as it is easy to fold away when not in use. This model has a comfortable backrest and arm supports which helps people who may struggle with balance.

Height adjustable commode chairs

Ability Superstore Grey Height Adjustable Commode Chair

A neat, stackable and height-adjustable commode chair with a 5-litre waste receptacle and lid that is a practical choice for any home. The vinyl welded seat and backrest material is water-resistant and easy to clean. The chair has a padded overseas, so the chair is comfortable to sit on when not used as a commode.

Aidapt Essex Adjustable Commode Chair

This height-adjustable commode chair comes in two colours and has a detachable padded overseas. It has a 5-litre waste receptacle with a lid and a robust tubular steel frame. Lightweight and stackable, this vinyl welded padded backrest chair is both comfortable and hygienic.

Comfy commode chairs


Etac Swift Commode

This lightweight and comfortable commode chair has adjustable leg height and provides stability on uneven floors. The armrests are removable to make sitting from the side easy if you need to move from a wheelchair onto the commode.

NRS Healthcare Traditional Commode

A discreet and smart looking commode that is ideal when you want the convenience of a commode with the looks of a stylish chair. This is a traditional wooden framed commode with a removable padded seat that hides the commode.


Homecraft Bedroom Commode

This elegant and discreet commode chair is ideal for a bedroom where you don’t want to make the commode obvious. When not in use, it can be used as a comfortable chair that blends in with your home décor. Made using woven material that is easy to clean and fitted with a removable padded seat cushion, the chair is ergonomically shaped for comfort.

Deluxe folding lightweight commode

This is a practical, lightweight commode chair with a removable padded seat and a waste collection receptacle with a lid and handle. The chair is built for comfort with padded armrests and a soft PVC backrest. It can be folded away to save space when not in use.

Alton Bedroom Commode Chair

This is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a commode that looks stylish and discreet. It has a solid wooden frame and a comfortable padded seat cushion and backrest. The removable seat cushion reveals a comfortable vinyl toilet seat with a removable pan. This commode chair comes ready-assembled.

Commode wheelchairs / walker

COSTWAY Commode Wheelchair

This height-adjustable mobile commode has a removable waste receptacle and a comfortable water-resistant padded seat. The seat has a removable section that allows the wheelchair to be used as a commode. The chair is fitted with four universal wheels and wheel brakes to ensure you stay put when you need to.

Homecraft Chrome Plated Steel Wheeled Commode Chair

This is a practical wheeled commode chair that is fitted with a comfortable padded seat cushion that is removed to reveal the commode. The commode seat is blow-moulded and easy to clean. The chair has four swivelling wheels and two footrests.

CO-Z Commode Chair

This compact and comfortable wheeled commode chair is fitted with footrests, and padded armrests finished in a water-resistant covering. The chair is built on a sturdy steel frame and can accommodate people up to 23 stones in weight.

NRS Healthcare Attendant Controlled Adaptable Shower Commode Chair

This practical and fully adaptable commode wheelchair has a rust-free frame so it can be used safely in a shower room. The chair comes with a 5-litre waste receptacle and lid. Constructed with a robust aluminium yet lightweight frame, this commode chair is fitted with footrests, a comfortable showerproof polypropylene seat, backrest and flip-up arm pads.

Walker Dynamic Paediatric Outdoor Small

A comfortable mobile commode chair with detachable armrests makes it easy to slide sideways from a wheelchair or bed. The chair is fitted with four swivelling casters to enable chairs to be manoeuvred easily. The blow moulded seat is hygienic, comfortable and easy to clean.

Commode liners

TidyCare Commode Liners

This is a value pack of 48 commode liners suitable for adult use. The universal fit makes them ideal for lining standard sized commode waste receptacles. Featuring a draw tape closer to tie the liner closed, it makes emptying and cleaning out your commode easy and quick.

Why Commode chairs are useful?

Commode chairs are simply portable toilets that can be used in any room of your house for the convenience of the person who needs one. Used mainly by the frail elderly or disabled who cannot climb stairs or walk very far to reach a bathroom, a commode is a seat with a hole and a receptacle fitted into it to receive human waste.

The receptacle can be easily removed, emptied, cleaned and replaced after each use. The commode is an invention that has been used for hundreds of years. Vintage commodes were made of wood and styled to look like regular chairs, but with a removable or liftable seat revealing a second seat with a hole and receptacle bucket.

Whether you need to use a commode permanently or only need it to use during a recovery period, they are designed to make your life easier, safer, and less physically stressful. These days there are many different styles of commode to choose from. Here we look at some of the most popular options on the market.

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