Best Lock for Electric Scooters

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How to Lock Your Electric Scooter

Unless you can carry your electric scooter with you wherever you go, you may wonder if you can lock up your scooter in the same way as you would a bicycle, or even if there are such things as locks for your electric scooter.

You can buy a lock for your electric scooter, so you have great peace of mind should you ever need to leave it locked up in town while you go shopping, attend appointments or go to work.

It can help to buy an electric scooter that has a secure locking point built-in. Secure locking points are usually part of the frame or footplate and can’t easily be unscrewed or broken. If there isn’t an obvious locking point, try to lock the scooter around the stem, through the carrying handle or the folding mechanism.

The most popular scooter locks can be fixed securely to bike racks or poles. Here is a summary of the most popular and effective electric scooter bikes currently on the market.

Best lock for electric scooters


Scooter Ring Lock

This is a strong ring lock made from alloy steel, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyvinyl chloride, and zinc. The lock has a 95mm inner diameter, and the lock ring is wrapped with ABS to help prevent scratches and scuffs. The lock comes with two keys.

GOZAR Electric Scooter Lock

This is an O-shaped ring lock designed to secure the XIAOMI MIJIA M365 ES2 Scooter. Made from solid alloy steel, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and zinc. It has a key lock system and is supplied with two keys. The coated steel cable has anti-shear and anti-theft ability, Inner diameter: 8.5cm.

METJY Disc Brake Lock Electric Scooter Lock

Made from solid alloy steel, this boot-shaped disc brake lock fits onto the wheel brake disc of your electric scooter. It is an ideal lock for the Xiaomi and other similar electric scooter models. Easy to carry when not in use, you can keep it in your pocket or bag. The heavy-duty steel body prevents thieves from sawing or prying off the lock.

SGMY Disc Brake Lock for Electric Scooter

A strong coated steel wire and disc brake lock set, ideal for the Xiaomi M365/PRO Electric Scooter. Waterproof, rustproof brake disc locking security with reminder cable for secure all-weather outdoor protection. Impossible for thieves to saw or pry open, this disc brake lock is small and easy to carry when not in use.

Diyife Bike/Scooter Lock

This flexible cable lock is made from strong, coiled steel with a protective polyvinyl chloride coating to prevent rusting and scratches. The lock comes with a set of two keys and a mounting bracket that fits on the scooter pole. The lock is waterproof, so it can be used in all weather. The robust steel cable prevents thieves from cutting through the cable to free the scooter.

SPGOOD Scooter Lock

This is a heavy-duty cable lock measuring 1800mm/12mm. It uses a five-digit code to unlock, which is better than using keys that can break or get lost. The spiral steel cable lock is shear-proof and rust-resistant. The lock is made from reinforced zinc alloy and has a strong ABS shell cap.


MASTER LOCK Heavy Duty Bike/Scooter Chain Lock

This robust chain lock comes with a mini D lock for extra security. The chain lock is made fro alloy steel and measures 47 x 10 x 4 centimetres. This is a universal lock that fits any model of electric scooter. The hardened steel chain resists sawing, cutting and prying. The D lock has a vinyl cover to prevent scratching. The lock comes with four keys.

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