Best Mini Mobility Trainers

Keeping your joints mobile and your muscles supple will help you move around with less stress and stiffness. Mobility is related to flexibility, and regularly using mobility training equipment featured here can help strengthen your muscles and joints and maintain your mobility as you get older.

Our bodies gradually lose some flexibility and mobility as we age. We notice our muscles becoming stiffer and our joints less stable than before. If you use a mobility scooter to get around, it is even more important to do some stretching and gentle exercise to prevent our everyday movements from becoming stiff and uncomfortable.

By far, the easiest way to keep your body moving without over-stressing the joints is to incorporate some regular mobility training into your life by using equipment designed to help.

Listed below are some of the top-rated mobility training equipment that is easy to use at home and very cost-effective to buy.

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EVOLVE - Mobility Pedal Trainer Walker Exercise Bike

This is a quiet and robust pedal trainer that you can use at home. The walking motion enables you to use your own bodyweight to add resistance to keep your joints supple and muscles strong.

It has an upper-body arm cycle, so you can save time by working both the upper and lower body simultaneously.

Bi-pedaler Folding Keep Fit Machine

This easy to assemble home fitness machine is perfect for stimulating blood circulation and keeping your joints supple. It is beneficial for those with mobility problems that prevent them from exercising standing up.

This bi-pedlar machine can be used from a seated position and works the legs and arms simultaneously.

Stamina Inmotion Elliptical

This is a compact and lightweight home elliptical trainer. This is an ideal fitness machine for those wishing to gently build up their strength and stamina and keep their joints mobile. The smooth walking motion helps those with joint issues exercise without jolting or impacting their joints.


Ultrasport Mini Bike Exercise Bike

This is a compact and versatile home mobility trainer. You can use the pedals on the trainer with your hands or feet, so you can give yourself an upper-body workout to keep your arms and shoulders mobile and supple, or pedal the machine with your feet to keep your knees and ankle joints mobile.


Aidapt Deluxe Motorised Pedal Exerciser

This compact home pedal exerciser is ideal for those with joint or mobility issues. Perfect for rehabilitation after an operation or illness, this pedal machine has programmable exercise times, so you can challenge yourself without overdoing it. The pedal machine has 12-speed settings that you can change using a remote control to keep you engaged and progressing with your training.

EVOLVED Mini Exercise Bike

An excellent home mobility pedal machine for exercising the arms and legs for improved joint mobility and blood circulation. Great for building strength while helping to maintain joint mobility and flexibility. The device comes with an LCD display to keep track of your time, distance PRM and calories burnt.

Mini Exercise Bike Portable

This lightweight and compact home pedal exercise machine has multi-level resistance settings so you can progress the intensity of your workouts as you get fitter and stronger. This pedal exerciser comes with a clear LCD display to help you keep track of your workout time, calories burnt, and distance covered.

AGM Mini Bike

A handy mini exercise machine to keep at home, this pedal exerciser can work out your arms or legs to help keep your joints mobile and supple. If you struggle to walk far, you can use this pedal exerciser to help build strength and stability into your leg muscles to keep your joints supported. You can adjust the resistance settings to help build up more strength and stamina as you get fitter. It comes with an easy-to-read LCD display to keep track of your workouts.