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Mobility Trolley with Tray

Homecraft Shelf Trolley

When mobility is a challenge, the Homecraft Shelf Trolley is here to help. This device is one of the lighter options for mobility assistance, but the stable nature of its 4 wheel construction make it an ideal solution for those needing just a little help getting around. Best of all, the Homecraft Shelf Trolley features dual shelves, so you do not have to manage the trolley while holding items. Use the tray system for picking up around the home or taking meals into the next room. This system allows you to remain independent longer without fear of dropping items during transport.


Homecraft Walker Trolley

Effectively navigating inside homes and at the grocery store can be difficult, but with the Homecraft Walker Trolly, assistance is easy to find. This trolley system comes complete with a sturdy, 4-wheel design and dual hand brake system. The double tray onboard the device helps you manage groceries or other items without having to have carry assistance. Each tray maintains high sides, so even unstable items will not fall off while walking. The Homecraft Walker Trolley will be your constant companion and is rated for individuals up to 125kg.

Aids 4 Mobility Hand Trolley

Although the design of the Aids 4 Mobility Hand Trolley might look simple, the height adjustable system is versatile for a variety of different needs. For those that do not require an onboard brake system for walking, the dual tray Aids 4 Mobility Hand Trolley provides optimal support with a 4-wheel configuration. Each tray can be removed if necessary and offer support sides, so items remain on the tray without slipping off.

Drive Handy Household Trolley

Mobility is a challenge for so many these days, but maintaining your personal independence is highly important to your overall quality of life. The answer to your mobility needs is the Drive Handy Household Trolley. This system employs a stable 4 wheel construction with an effective brake system. The Drive Handy Household Trolley makes standing up easier with its lockable wheels and provides optimal stability while walking indoors. It also has 2 flip up trays that can be used for carrying essentials along for the ride.

Aidapt Height Adjustable Strolley Trolley

4 durable caster wheels make the Aidapt Height Adjustable Strolley Trolley one of the more useful tools for ideal mobility. The dual tray system can hold up to 15kg and each tray can be removed for cleaning purposes. This system makes it easy for mobility challenged individuals to carry meals and other items from one room to another around their home. The height can be adjusted to fit your individuals needs and the wheel guard helps household debris, such as hair, from impacting the mobility of the trolley’s wheels.

Mobility Shopping Trolley

Shopping Trolley on Wheels

The Shopping Trolley on Wheels is the ideal way to enhance your mobility and help you shop with confidence. The system comes complete with a 6 wheel system where the front 4 wheels swivel for easy turning. A sure grip, rubber coated handle system helps you manage the device with ease and the removable interior bag system helps you shop discreetly. Best of all the Shopping Trolley on Wheels is foldable, so it easily fits in the trunk space of most vehicles or in smaller, out of the way spaces in your home.

Sholley Deluxe Shopping Trolley

Dependable and discreet storage is what you can expect from the Sholley Deluxe Shopping Trolley. This device features an easy grip handle that can be easily adjusted to your individual height. The aluminum construction of the device allows it to be light and portable with a foldable format. 6 wheels provide ultimate stability and versatility for indoor use and a variety of pockets are available on the Sholley Deluxe Shopping Trolley, so you can easily organize your shopping experience. The fold flat design can fit into any trunk space and smaller spaces within your home.

Carlett 4 Wheels Trolley

The Carlett 4 Wheels Trolley is one of the more modern trolley systems on the market. It maintains a 6 wheel configuration for optimal movement and versatility. The design also folds flat for easy storage with the touch of a button. The 40L carry bag can securely store your items whether you are out shopping for essentials or on an outing with family or friends. The Carlett 4 Wheels Trolley is comes in red and is comprised of primarily plastic, so it remains lightweight at all times.

Shopping Trolley Seat

Versatility is highly important in any mobility device and the Shopping Trolley Seat is one of the most versatile shopping trolleys on the market today. The stable 6 wheel construction of the device enhance mobility and unlike other mobility trolleys, this one comes with a braking system. Additionally, the large capacity storage area is not only large enough for a variety of items, it can be used as a seat for users. The Shopping Trolley Seat is foldable as well, so it is easy to see how versatile this shopping trolley truly is.

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