Electric scooter inner tube

There will come a time when every e-scooter user will need to replace the inner tubes on their scooter if they have pneumatic tyres. This may be because you have worn out your tyres, or your scooter has sustained a puncture from a sharp stone or piece of broken glass.

There are various types of replacement inner tubes on the market. This summarises the most popular and recommended brands for leading e-scooter models.

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Aibiku Thickened Inner Tubes for Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

This pair of  8 1/2-inch straight valve stem inner tubes fit the Xiaomi M365 model scooter. These are newly improved and made from thicker rubber to provide more endurance. The high-quality valve helps to preserve more tyre pressure.

Electric Scooter Inner Tube, 2.5-Inch Inflatable Anti-Slip Rubber

This inner tube is compatible with the Mijia M365 Electric Scooter model. It is made of high-quality rubber and has a 10-inch rim size. This is the improved version with thicker rubber material to deliver better performance. It is ultra tear-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable in use, featuring a high-quality valve that preserves more pressure.


Electric Scooter Inner Tube, 10.5-inch

This high-quality shock-absorbing rubber inner tube will fit many electric scooter models. The 10.5-inch rim size is 5cm thick after inflation, which is twice the thickness of inflated standard inner tubes. It cannot be punctured easily because of its double skin sealed wall.

AGPTEK 8.5'' Xiaomi M365 Inner Tubes

This is a pair of replacement inner tubes made from thickened rubber suitable for the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter. These tubes have an 8.5-inch rim size ideal for both front and rear wheels. This is an upgraded inner tube with 1.8mm thick rubber, which is twice as thick as the original version.

Yungeln 8.5-Inch Thickened Inner Tubes

This is a twin-pack replacement inner tube set that is compatible with the Xiaomi 1S/M365/Pro Gotrax Electric Scooter. From brand name Tinke, these 8.5-inch rim inner tubes are made from high-quality Butyl Rubber, providing a high level of tear-resistant, scratch-resistant performance.

Merklano 8.5 Inch Double Thickness Inner Tubes

This twin-pack inner tube set is perfect for the Xiaomi M365 model and other electric scooters that use 8.5-inch inflatable inner tubes. Made by the Merklano brand, these scooter inner tubes are constructed of high-quality Butyl Rubber and gives better puncture resistance than standard replacement inner tubes.

Oladwolf Inner Tyres for M365 Electric Scooter

This is a twin-pack of inner tubes using thickened and wear-resistant high-quality rubber. These are 8.5-inch rim sized inner tubes with great longevity and temperature resistance. The tubes are fitted with a quality American valve to make installation and inflation easy.

Flycoo 2Pcs Double Thickness Inner Tubes

This twin-pack set of extra-thick rubber inner tubes are suitable for the XIAOMI M365 / M365 Pro Electric Scooter models and the Mi Electric Scooter 3. The inner tubes measure 8.5-inches, and the double-thick walls give more outstanding durability and puncture protection.


Flycoo2 Inner Tube for Xiaomi M365 / M365 Pro Electric Scooter

This is a single count high-quality rubber inner tube with double-thick walls for better puncture protection. This tyre is suitable for front or rear wheel use and measures 8.5-inches. The double-thickness of the tube wall provides a significant dampening effect and are more durable than standard inner tubes.

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