Best Electric Scooters for Adults

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E-Scooters for adults

Electric scooters, or e-scooters as they are otherwise known, are fast growing in popularity with adults. You can understand the appeal when you think about it. They are lightweight, compact, efficient, and quick to get into town without driving or using a taxi or bus. They can also be a lot of fun!

RCB Electric Scooter for Adults

You would be amazed by the strong and powerful battery in this scooter: 36V 7.5AH. High capacity battery will allow you to travel up to 30km with maximum speed 25km/h. 8 inch and non slip tyres will allow you to travel safely. The scooter is foldable which is great for travel and commute. Maxium load for this scooter is 100kg. Suitable for most adults. This E-scooter is modern and full of newest features and advanced systems. For example: LCD display, cruise control, headlights and taillights.

XIAOMI Mi Electric Scooter 3/1S/Essential/Pro 2

This is one of the most popular e-scooter for adults. It has powerful battery 500W and maximum speed of 20km/h. The scooter is great for commute thanks to easy and fast folding. Folded scooter only takes about 49cm heights space. You can use Mi Home app to check your stats like riding time, battery status etc… This is modern and very practical electric scooter for adults with KERS system (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)

FUNDOT Folding Electric Scooter for Adults

This electric scooter provides maximum speed of 25km and other speed options: 10km/h and 20km/h. It has front and tail LED light for extra safety. You would be happy to find that the scooter can be folded in 3 seconds. Perfect for any day to day commute. The tyres are breakage and puncture resistant. They are filled with polyurethane foam. Maximum user weight is 100kg. Overall this is very good quality electric scooter for adults.

Electric scooters with seat for adults

If you ever wandered if you can get electric scooter with a seat than here is the answer. Yes, of course you can get quality electric scooter with a seat for adults. We listed one of the best scooters available online.

Electric scooters take much less effort than pedalling a bicycle and are an excellent option for people with mobility issues, especially scooters that come with seats that allow the rider to sit comfortably while navigating around town.

Choosing an electric scooter with a seat for adults can be a more favourable option for those who don’t like the idea of using a mobility scooter. These electric scooters offer a decent amount of speed and power, and come with a comfortable seat and often include optional accessories such as a shopping basket or an attachment to carry your bags. Good quality electric scooters are sturdy and well built. They come with pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride and a wide deck that allows the rider to place their feet while in motion comfortably.

In most cases, electric scooters are more cost-effective to buy than mobility scooters. Because they are usually a fraction of the size, an electric scooter can be a better option when space is at a premium for the owner for storage and charging. While electric scooters with seats will have more weight, and therefore will be less aerodynamic and have a slower top speed than a scooter without a seat, they are a good option for those wanting to take a long journey in more comfort than having to stand for the duration of the trip.

Folding electric scooter with seat

This is a folding electric scooter with a decent 40 KM Long-Range. This model comes with 10-inch solid tyres, which are an advantage because the scooter won’t suffer from any tyre punctures. The model is a very comfortable ride over rough surfaces and comes with a seat as an available option if you want to add a seat to make your rides even more comfortable over long distances.

The 10-inch solid tyres are a recent upgrade to offer more comfort and durability without the worry of needing replacement tyres. The 500W brushless motor provides the rider with stable power output and a dual braking system with disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking.

This model can reach a top speed of around 19 mph, but adding the optional seat and extra weight from shopping bags will reduce the maximum speed.

The Hiboy S2 Pro comes with convenient Cruise & Speed Control that can be activated with three simple clicks to activate and deactivate the system. You will hear an audio beep after five seconds of maintaining a speed where you can activate cruise control, and the scooter will maintain the current rate.

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter (seat optional)

• 10-inch solid tires & Aluminium Frame
• 40 KM Long-range & 25 KM/H top speeds
• Customized Cruise & Speed Control
• Double Braking System
• Hiboy S2 App
• Portable Folding Design
• Powerful 500W Motor
• Three Brilliant Lights System

iScooter iX5 Electric Scooter

This sleek-looking electric scooter comes with a comfortable seat and an improved brushless DC 600 W motor powered by a large 13Ah Li-Ion Battery. The scooter provides the rider with a decent 45km (28 miles) Long Range and a powerful 3 Mode Speed system with a top speed of 28 mph.

The iScooter iX5 has ten-inch tyres for a comfortable ride over uneven surfaces and can effortlessly climb steep 30 – 35 degree inclines with ease.

iScooter iX5 with Seat

  • Powerful 600 Watt Motor
  • Maximum Range of 28 Miles(45 km) a Single Charging
  • 3 Mode Speed.Max Speed 28 mph(45 km/h)
  • Maximum loadable weight of 330 lbs
  • 10-inch off-road Tires
  • IP54 Water Resistance


Electric Scooter for Adults with a seat (800W)

Very powerful electric scooter with 800W motor and 10Ah battery. It could get you as far as 30-40km which is very impressive for electric scooter. You would be happy to read that there are 3 speed controls and cruise mode. Perfect for long journeys especially that this scooter comes with a seat. The scooter is also equipped with dual disc brake system and mechanical key to turn it off/on. This electric scooter is really next step into the future. You will find LED headlight and colourful sideways lights, multiple shock absorption and LCD display.

Electric Scooters Adults with a seat (500W)

This electric scooter is equipped with powerful 500W motor and 48V 11Ah battery. This allows you to go as far as 40km. It has also 12 degree climbing ability and 12 inch pneumatic tyre. The scooter has dual brake system for extra safety. You will find that this scooter comes with a basket and a seat. Electric scooter perfect for day to day tasks and commute.

GUNAI Electric Scooter (5600W)

Looking for something ultimate? This is one of the most powerful electric scooters we ever seen. It has a total power of 5600W! The maximum speed is 85km/h and the maximum range is 90-100km. You can use this scooter off road too because of 11 inch Vacuum Tyre and double hydraulic shock absorber.

HUABANCHE Folding Electric Scooter with Seat and Electronic Horn

This electric scooter is fitted with a 500W Motor giving an average of 45KM Long Range travel. The scooter folds away easily for storage, taking up less space when not in use. The scooter comes with 10-inch inch Pneumatic Tyres delivering a comfortable ride over uneven road surfaces.

The C1 Pro has cruise control and a dual shock absorption system that incorporates spring shock absorbers to improve stability and comfort while driving, drum brakes on the front wheels and disc brakes for the rear wheels. The duel brake system design means this electric scooter is safe and responsive when braking and coming to a full, smooth stop without jarring.

HUABANCHE Electric Long-Range Commuter Foldable E-Scooter with Seat

This is an electric scooter for adults and comes with a comfortable ergonomic designed leather-covered seat. This electric scooter is designed to deliver a comfortable ride over long distances. The seat can be adjusted to suit different riders and can be removed entirely.

The scooter is fitted with 12-inch pneumatic tyres. These large-sized tyres provide higher stability and comfort when used on uneven or rocky surfaces, such as dirt roads and beaches.

With a 500W Motor Battery giving a Max Speed of 45 Km/h, a large capacity shopping basket, and with a 40 Km Long-Range, this is an ideal electric scooter for a day out shopping with your friends.

There is a quick-fold action with a button folding lock, meaning that you can quickly and easily fold the scooter away at home, making it easy to store when not in use.

Fold-able HITWAY Electric Scooter for Adults with seat

This is very powerful e-scooter with 800W motor power and 48V 10ah battery. You will achieve amazing driving range up to 45km and smooth and sturdy ride thanks to 10 inch tyres and throttle stepless speed change. The scooter is super modern full of latest technology features like LED lights, moving photosensitive belts on both sides, LCD display, dual disc brake system and EBS electronic brake. Climbing gradient is about 30 degree and speed levels are as follow: 15 km/h,35 km/h,45 km/h.

M4 PRO Electric Scooter Foldable E-scooter with seat

Beautiful e-scooter with strong 500W power motor and 16Ah battery. Amazing maximum travel range of up to 50km. Very safe and modern electric scooter with maximum upload weight of 150kg. Strong frame and easy to fold. 3 speed levels: 15 km/h ,30 km/h, 45 km/h. LED lighting is a standard in this e-scooter including taillights when breaking.

1000W electric scooters

1000W electric scooters are the perfect choice for those looking for something a bit more powerful than a standard scooter, but less speedy than the more powerful models on the market.

These are an excellent middle-range choice that makes easy work of climbing hills without struggling too much and gives a good range on a fully charged battery.

1000w electric-powered scooters are in-demand from adults looking for a cost-effective alternative to taking the car on short journeys or not wanting to pay for expensive parking. There are growing numbers of medium to high-end scooter manufacturers targeting this audience with their 1000w power scooters.

1000w Off Road Adult Electric Scooter

An excellent off-road electric scooter for adults. The ALAMO 1000w electric scooter delivers a decent amount of power right when you need it most. This model has a 1000w dual motor that helps you reach a top speed of 45km/h (28mph).

This model comes with three-speed driving modes: 15km/h 30km/h 45km/h, and you can easily switch through the speeds via a built-in LCD panel.

With the 10-inch pneumatic off-road air tyres, you will get a comfortable ride to handle rough terrains such as stones, gravel, and grass. This model can carry weights up to 150kg, so it is handy for carrying a backpack full of groceries home.

The e-scooter is easy to fold, so you can carry it with you when going into shops and carrying it up staircases. This model has front and back disc breaks, making braking and coming to a stop smoothly and balanced. It also has robust shock absorbant suspension systems on both front and back.

VICI Off Road Electric Scooter (500W or 1000W Motor)

This powerful 1000w e-scooter for adult use has been designed for off-road use. It has a rugged build and is designed to cope with various environments with rough terrain. The top speed for the 1000w version can reach a top speed of 40kph & 45kph and has a maximum range of 50km.

If you like off-roading at the weekend through woodlands and gravel paths, then this is an excellent choice as it is rock steady over uneven surfaces and cutting through shallow muddy puddles.

The VICI 1000w has enhanced handlebar grips for better control and comfort. The deep tread pneumatic tyres give excellent grip on broken surfaces and have strong front and rear shock-absorbing suspension for a smoother ride.

Made from high strength aluminium with a sandpaper finished foot deck, this is a robust model for those who want to do more with their e-scooter than simply ride on tarmac surfaces.

eX-Trail1000 - Adult Off-Road Electric Scooter, 1000w

For anyone looking for a powerful 1000w electric scooter to get around, the eX-Trail1000 comes with a 1000w dual motor to make riding easy and consistently smooth.

This e-scooter has a range of up to 40 to 45km on a fully charged battery and an LCD light display that shows you how much charge your battery has left. You can also keep an eye on your speed, as the display shows you both power and speed. This model reaches a top speed of 45 km/h (28mp/h).

This model easily folds down with a flip switch when not in use. You can leave it charging overnight without it getting in your way. There is a bright front headlight and tail light along with brake lights to help you be seen better in the dark.

The 10-inch pneumatic front and back tyres add to the ride’s comfort along with front and back disc brakes that bring the scooter to a smooth stop without jerking or throwing you off balance.

Electric Adult Scooter (e-scooter) - 1000W

The ZERO 10 1000w electric scooter for adults has an impressive top speed of 55Km/h (34mph). This is a robust e-scooter that is built to do more than simply zip you into town and back.

It comes with integrated shock absorbers at the front and rear twin hydraulic suspension. Along with two 10-inch pneumatic wheels, this all adds up to a very comfortable ride over uneven terrains such as gravel, grass and stony surfaces.

There are bright built-in front and red lights to make you more visible while riding at night and in low-light conditions. When not in use, the scooter has collapsible handle grips to make it easier to store out of the way or to place by a wall socket for battery charging.

The powerful 1000W motor gives you a little more oomph for getting up hills without struggling and is a much better choice for adults to use than an e-scooter with a standard-sized motor.


Fast Electric Scooters 15 – 30mph

C1 Pro 500W, 48V13Ah Folding electric scooter (max speed 50 km/h)

This smart-looking electric scooter has an extended range of up to 45km on a fully charged battery. Built for adult use, this scooter is constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy material, making it lightweight yet durable.

Fitted with front LED lights, tail light and a horn for safety, you will be easily seen while riding in low light levels. This scooter has robust 10-inch pneumatic tyres and a dual shock absorption system, and cruise control to give you excellent shock absorption and a comfortable ride.


iScooter Electric Scooter, 350W Motor Foldable Scooter (max speed 30km/h)

This folding electric scooter is easy to carry or store in the car boot when not in use. This scooter has a decent range of up to 25KM on a full charge. It has a handy kickstand and comfortable pneumatic tyres.

It is built for safety and comfort with front, and rear shock absorbers, smooth front and rear disc brakes, LED headlights and warning tail lights to help get you noticed while riding at night.

HOVERFLY Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults (max speed 25km/h)

This scooter is constructed with strong yet lightweight aluminium, making it a hard-wearing and durable electric scooter. It is easy to fold away when not in use, it doesn’t take up much space while recharging.

It comes with a long-range of up to 18.6 miles on a full charge over level ground. With a top speed of around 15.5 mph and a maximum load of 220 lbs, it is an excellent choice for adult use. This model has a fully integrated LED display so you can keep an eye on your speed and battery power level.

M MEGA WHEELS Folding Electric Scooter (max speed 23km/h)

If you are looking for a streamlined, lightweight electric scooter that is easy to fold and carry around when not in use, then this model from Mega wheels is ideal. It comes with a LED taillight and has an electronic brake on the handlebar and a foot friction rear brake for smooth braking.

The scooter has three different height settings for comfort, and the 250W motor and 36V battery delivers excellent performance. The scooter can be fully charged in just two to three hours and provides a steady speed when climbing hills on a full charge.


i9pro Electric Scooter with Honeycomb tyres (max speed 25km/h)

This electric scooter can start from standing still without needing to kick off. It handles hills smoothly when fully charged and performs well when running over grass or soft surfaces. It uses the latest generation 350W motor and cruise control for added ease of riding.

This model has unique 8.5-inch honeycomb tyres that are puncture-proof,anti-slip, provide a more comfortable ride than solid tyres, and delivers excellent shock-absorbing performance. You can download a free APP for iPhone and Android that connects your phone via Bluetooth.

Windgoo Electric Scooter with LCD-display (max speed 25km/h)

This is a high-quality build scooter with an ergonomic handlebar and anti-slip handgrips for safe and comfortable riding. This model has an LED display to make it easy to monitor your speed and battery life.

The scooter folds down quickly and is lightweight enough to carry with you when not in use. You can choose between 3 levels of speed control and switch the headlight on and off with a press of a button. It also comes with a taillight so you can be easily seen when riding in low light levels.

iScooter i9 Portable E Scooter with APP Control (max speed 25km/h)

This foldable electric scooter comes with maintenance-free honeycomb solid tyres and a powerful 350W motor. You can start the scooter from a standing start and set a maximum speed through the downloadable APP for iPhone and Android, making it safer for kids to use.

You will get a smooth ride with controlled breaking through the disc brakes and regenerative anti-lock braking system ABS. This model comes with a bright 30W headlight and a red taillight to help you be seen while riding at night.

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