How fast does it go?

One of the first questions a person asks when buying an e-scooter is; how fast does it go? To anyone that was raised using a children’s push scooter, it can often come as a surprise to learn that e-scooters can be very fast.

Depending on the e-scooter make and model, your new electric scooter could reach average top speeds of at least 15 mph / 25 kph up to  26 mph / 42 kph for an adult scooter.

For most people buying affordable e-scooters for leisure, the average top speed is between 9 mph and 15 mph, which is usually enough to satisfy their needs.

It would help if you also considered who will use the e-scooter. If you are buying for a child or young teenager, you may want to ensure that the scooter model’s top speed doesn’t exceed what you are comfortable with for their safety.

It is essential to read the details of the e-scooters online listing to check their top speed capabilities before buying an e-scooter for a child. Scooter manufacturers build models for both adults and children, and while most e-scooters listings will specify that the model is for adult or children’s use, some are not obvious at first glance.

Does price affect the top speed?

It does seem that the pricier the e-scooter, the faster it goes. Many e-scooters that cost a few hundred pounds will use high-quality, top of the range motors and powerful batteries that can deliver higher top speeds.

However, with some of the more expensive models reaching top speeds of up to 31 mph / 50 kph, you need to consider where you intend to ride the scooter and the local speed limits in place. You don’t want to be fined for speeding and possibly having your e-scooter confiscated for going 30 mph in a 20 mph speed limit zone.

In most cases, the more cost-effective e-scooter range that most people buy can average between 9 mph and 15 mph as long as they are fully charged and not overloaded.


Are e-scooter speeds limited?

Many e-scooters on the market could be capable of reaching higher speeds. In most cases, the e-scooter manufacturer will build in a speed limit for legal and safety reasons. We all know that riding at high speeds can quickly become dangerous, so e-scooter manufacturers don’t want to be held liable for selling potentially hazardous products.

This is why so many consumer-grade e-scooters have their top speed capped at 15 mph / 25 kph, and why you will find that this is the average top speed of most models on sale.

Electric scooters offer a convenient way to zip around for those who don’t want to drive a car or use public transport for local journeys. However, zooming around at top speeds may not be sensible, especially if you endanger other road users or pedestrians.

What is the speed limit in the UK for e-scooters?

Depending on where you plan to use your e-scooter, you may be subject to sticking to a speed limit. While the absolute top speed an e-scooter could potentially reach is around 30 mph, in the UK, the speed limit for e-scooters is 15.5 mph.

The government set this speed limit, but after following the London e-scooter trials, the government set particular ‘go-slow’ areas where the e-scooter speed limit goes down to 8 mph.

At the moment, though, until legislation changes, this only applies to rental e-scooters in areas where there’s an electric scooter trial going on.

While you can ride an e-scooter legally in most European countries, it is still illegal to ride privately owned e-scooters on UK roads. However, you can ride rented e-scooters on roads, cycle lanes and pavements.

It is expected that the UK rules about riding e-scooters on public roads will likely change to fall in line with other countries, but until then, you can still ride an e-scooter on private land with the landowner’s permission.

What can affect the top speed?

Many things can affect the speed of your e-scooter.  The top speed of your model can be reduced by the weight of the person riding it. So, while you may be able to get a top speed of 11 mph from your e-scooter, your older (and much larger brother) may only reach a top speed of 9 mph.

For adults looking at buying an e-scooter, the heavier you are, the more powerful e-scooter motor you will need to reach the model’s maximum top speed. Weight creates resistance, so a 6-foot tall adult will cause more drag and will go slower on an e-scooter than a 5-foot tall young teenager.

The top speed of your e-scooter will be significantly reduced by the type of terrain you use it in. So if you live in an area with lots of hills, you will need an e-scooter with a stronger motor to help you get up those hills faster, but you won’t reach maximum speed going up a hill.

Uneven surfaces with gravel, loose soil or grass will slow down your e-scooter too. If you plan to go off-road and take in some countryside trails on your e-scooter, then it may struggle to reach top speeds.

Pneumatic tyre pressure

If you choose to buy an e-scooter with pneumatic tyres, then having the correct tyre pressure will help you go much faster. Soft tyres add drag and will also make your ride more uncomfortable.

You can buy e-scooters with pneumatic tyres, solid tyres, or a mix of both. Most combination e-scooters will have a pneumatic front tyre and a solid back tyre, as this results in better braking control.

If you want to reach the top speed of your e-scooter, you need to make sure the battery is fully charged. If speed is important to you, you will want to invest in an e-scooter with a powerful battery with a long life.

You will need to take some safety precautions if you plan on maxing out the speed of your e-scooter. Always wear a helmet to avoid nasty head injuries if you have an accident at top speed.

Keep your knees soft while riding. This helps you to keep your balance at higher speeds and control the scooter better should you hit any bumps in the road.

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