Best Evo Electric Scooters – Comparison

Evo Electric Scooters are fast becoming the scooter of choice for those wishing to switch to a more eco-friendly and practical way to commute a short distance to work or get into town without using a car.

Evo Electric Scooters are quick to charge and cheap to run, costing only a few pennies to charge up at home. Depending on which Evo model you choose, you can travel about 5 miles for approximately 1p, so buying an Evo Electric Scooter is a wise investment for those who would rather not use a car.

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EVO Electric Scooter (350W)

This popular Evo model comes with a powerful 36V lithium battery and has a 350W motor. With an average charge time of three to four hours, this electric scooter conveniently charges up overnight to use the next day.

If you are looking for a well built electric scooter robust enough for teenage and adult use, then look no further than the Evo VT5. This stylish scooter features a headlight for extra safe riding after dark and a smooth rear brake for safe stopping.

The streamlined design, durable aluminium frame and easy fold action make this model easy and lightweight to carry around when not in use. The scooter uses an induction start with throttle acceleration to make setting off easy. The two-wheeled scooter features two 203mm wheels and a handle height of 96.5cm.

With a top speed of 25kmph and a substantial range of 15km, the VT5 Evo Electric Scooter delivers an outstanding balance of power and reliability for everyday use when you are looking to use your car less for short journeys.

The EVO’s new range of lithium scooters offers the EVO brand fans another choice of transport to get around. The scooter easily folds down to fit in the boot of your car for days out with the family. It is a great way to get around a country park for anyone who would quickly tire of walking too far.

EVO Electric Scooter (250W)

The EVO VT3 lithium electric scooter is an excellent choice for a Christmas or birthday gift for a teenager or adult looking for a stylish yet economical way to get around.

The VT3 from EVO has a powerful 250W motor and uses an induction start to kick the motor into action. The VT3 uses a 24V lithium battery that is quick to charge at around three to four hours.

This model comes with a well-positioned headlight to make riding the scooter safer after dark. There are also front and rear brakes to make slowing down and stopping smooth and secure.

Made with a strong aluminium frame, the EVO VT3 is robust and durable. It has an easy-fold action to make carrying the scooter with you easy when not in use. This model has a top speed of 15-18kmph and a great 8-10km range on a fully charged battery.

The electric scooter has a stylish lime green and black modern design and has two 152mm wheels. This model has a handle height of 96cm and a convenient kickstand. This scooter delivers a comfortable ride with a built-in front suspension.

With electric scooters growing in popularity, you need to make the right choice. EVO electric scooters are a trusted brand name with an excellent reputation. They have many years of experience in the mobility and electric vehicle industry and have become a leading name to trust.

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