Kids Electric Scooter With Seat

What could be better than a standard electric scooter? The answer is very simple 🙂 Electric scooter with a seat of course. You would be surprised how comfortable it becomes when there is a seat suitable to use on your long journeys.

Sit-on electric scooters for kids are an excellent option for a family that is looking to become more environmentally friendly. If you want to leave the car at home and walk into town to go shopping or for a meal out, younger children can often tire quickly and complain about walking, but not when they have an electric scooter with a comfortable seat for them to rest on.

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Modern electric scooters operate with reliable, long-range batteries, so taking them with you for a day out is an ideal solution for an active family with children and young teenagers.

You don’t need to worry that your child will speed out of control on an electric scooter because they are powered with a rechargeable battery with a low top speed and cutting-edge power breaking systems that don’t cause the scooter to jolt to a sudden stop.

Kids electric scooters with seats are very compact, and it is easy to remove the seat when your child wants to use the scooter standing up. These scooters also fold away for easy storage when not in use, and they really don’t take up much room in the garage or hallway when folded up.

These scooters have been designed to appeal to children, and many models come in bright colours with reflectors and lights that can also help your child be seen in low light conditions. It makes sense to choose a children’s electric scooter that comes with a seat attachment. This will make it easy for your child to sit down and take a rest whenever they need to. The seat can be removed if your child wants to use the scooter for shorter journeys, and the seat can be adjusted to suit your child’s height as they grow taller.

St Hawk Kids Electric Scooter with Seat, Limited Edition E Scooter

This is an ideal scooter for age ranges 6 – 12 years old and comes with a comfortable seat that is ideal for long journeys. This model has an eye-catching light-up LED glow strip and funky camo colours.

The comfortable padded seat is fully adjustable or can be removed when your child wants to ride it while standing up. The power braking system makes it safer for your child to stop without any jolts or sudden stops.

The St Hawk electric scooter is powered by a 120w, 24v motor and reaches a top speed of  8-10mph. This model is made of robust steel and aluminium and is built to last.


This is an electric scooter that has been designed with teenagers in mind. The 120W battery offers a decent mileage of up to 6-8km in one charge.

The handlebars are fully height-adjustable, so you can find the right height that is comfortable for your kid’s needs and can be further adjusted as they grow taller. The padded seat is also height-adjustable and allows your child to sit and rest while riding.

HOMCOM 120W Teens Foldable E-Scooter

  • 6-8 hours charging time offers 6-8km driven distance
  • Ideal for kids over seven years old
  • The e-scooter is 100% electric and produces zero emissions
  • The electric scooter folds down in a few clicks for easy transportation and storage when not in the use

St Hawk Kids Electric Scooter with Seat

Ideal for ages 6-12 years old, this is a limited-edition electric scooter with a comfortable, adjustable seat. This model is powered by a rechargeable 120w motor and is made of steel and aluminium for a sturdy, long life.

The seat is fully height-adjustable and can be removed so your child can ride while standing. The upgraded power braking system offers a smoother slowing down and stopping and a safer ride for your child.

St Hawk Kids Electric Scooter with Seat, Limited Edition E Scooter

  • Side stand as a support when resting
  • Charge time is 6-8 hours
  • Start Mode: button switch
  • Dimension 740 x 150 X 950mm
  • Suggested age: 6-12 years
  • Brake; rear clipping brake

HOMCOM Electric E Scooter with seat (120W)

Durable electric scooter with a seat for kids. Constructed with metal frame. Maximum speed 10km/h and maximum range 6-8km. The electric scooter is also equipped with adjustable twist grip accelaration handle.

HOMCOM Electric E Scooter with seat (120W)

This electric scooter is supplied with a seat and motor which can take you up to 6-8km distance. It has maximum speed of 10km/h and adjustable twist grip acceleration handle. Folding mechanism will help you carry it when needed. Built on durable metal frame.

Kids Electric Scooter with a seat (120W)

This electric scooter can go as fast as 12km/h thanks to motor with 120W power. The distance on full charge is about 10-15km. Maximum rider weight cannot be higher than 70kg.

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