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Electric scooters for kids & teens

Kids spend too much time indoors these days and if you find that your children are spending too much time on their personal devices, invest in something fun for the great outdoors. Even though children claim they love the indoors more than the outdoors, most often they are just looking for something fun to do, so here are the best electric scooters for kids that your children are going to love.

HOVERMAX Electric Scooter for Children

Part of the fun of an electric scooter is the ability to take it everywhere and with the HOVERMAX Electric Scooter for Children, the device remains portable for all ages and riders as it folds almost flat. This scooter can be taken on public transit easily or placed in a closet or locker at school with dimensions of just 84X94X104cm. the HOVERMAX Electric Scooter for Children offers the ability to adjust the tiller height of the device, so various heights are included. The entire electric scooter weighs just 7.5kg and has a full weight capacity of up to 80kg, so most ages are able to use the scooter with ease.

Where electric scooters are a joy, they also tend to have one glaring flaw. It can be difficult to determine how much battery power a device has, but with the HOVERMAX Electric Scooter for Children, a battery power indicator goes from green, to yellow, to red, so it is easy to see how much power the scooter has. This is the ideal format for children who may not yet understand power based on numbers. The color format is easier for most children.

HOVERMAX Electric Scooter for Children

  • 150 W Motor
  • Up to 16 km Range
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for Kids and Teens

Ripsar 24V Kids Electric Scooter

A smooth ride is always available with the Ripsar 24V Kids Electric Scooter. Air inflated tyres allow for a smooth ride on streets and sidewalks throughout the city. The sturdy metal frame provides a firm foundation for children up to 54kg to ride on the device. The Ripsar 24V Electric Scooter weighs merely 13 kg, so it is easy for children over 8 years of age to take the device anywhere they want to be without contending with an overly heavy scooter.

The Ripsar 24V Kids Electric Scooter is powered by a chain driven motor system and hand brake controls all on the handlebars of the device. Additional grip technology has been integrated into the foot pad, so the device remains safe for children to ride anywhere they need to be. The Ripsar 24V Kids Electric Scooter comes in basic black and maintains high ratings of 4.5 according to previous customers.

Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter

  • Foldable Format
  • Up to 16 km/hr. Speed Rated
  • Battery Included
  • Sturdy Metal Framing
  • Compact Design

Razor Power Core E90

Razor is one of the most popular scooter brands in the world and the Razor Power Core E90 is designed to be not only stylish, but dependable as well. Ride time for this model scooter is rated for up to 80 minutes, so your children can enjoy hours of fun on this remarkably well designed scooter. Speeds for the Razor Power Core E90 are up to 16 km/ hr. so you never have to worry about your child traveling too fast. The scooter is designed to effortlessly move up hills and provides a smooth ride at all times.

The Razor Power Core E90 runs on a 12V battery system which is included with your purchase. This device is built on a solid foundation and can hold up to 54kg. It is rated for children above the age of 8 and is designed with specialized shock absorbing technology to enhance the rider’s experience.

Razor Power Core E90

  • Front Handlebar Braking System
  • Alloy Steel Construction
  • Dimensions – 81X33X84 cm
  • 6 kg Total Weight
  • 15cm Wheels

HOMCOM Kids Folding Electric Scooter

Designed for children and teens ages 7 to 14, the HOMCOM Kids Folding Electric Bike is the ideal solution for having fun and getting around town. The 120V rechargeable battery powers the device up to 10km on a full charge. Speeds up to 12km/hr. and an 8 hour charge time provides your child with endless hours of mobile entertainment.

Children of all ages can enjoy a ride on the HOMCOM Kids Folding Electric Bike with easy to use controls. Non-slip textured handles keep kids hands where they need to be and the retractable kick stand allows the device to be parked anywhere with ease. The foldable nature of the HOMCOM Kids Folding Electric Bike allows it to be taken wherever your child needs to go.

Finding the right electric scooter for your child is essential. Electric scooters are increasing in their popularity, so if you want to put a smile on your child’s face, buy one of these incredibly well designed foldable electric scooters today.

HOMCOM Kids Folding Electric Scooter

  • Overload Protector
  • 50 kg Weight Capacity
  • Front Braking System
  • Dimensions: 74X36X91 cm
  • Alloy Steel Construction

Electric scooters with seat for kids & teens

What could be better than a standard electric scooter? The answer is very simple :-) Electric scooter with a seat of course. You would be surprised how comfortable it becomes when there is a seat suitable to use on your long journeys.

Sit-on electric scooters for kids are an excellent option for a family that is looking to become more environmentally friendly. If you want to leave the car at home and walk into town to go shopping or for a meal out, younger children can often tire quickly and complain about walking, but not when they have an electric scooter with a comfortable seat for them to rest on.

Modern electric scooters operate with reliable, long-range batteries, so taking them with you for a day out is an ideal solution for an active family with children and young teenagers.

You don’t need to worry that your child will speed out of control on an electric scooter because they are powered with a rechargeable battery with a low top speed and cutting-edge power breaking systems that don’t cause the scooter to jolt to a sudden stop.

Kids electric scooters with seats are very compact, and it is easy to remove the seat when your child wants to use the scooter standing up. These scooters also fold away for easy storage when not in use, and they really don’t take up much room in the garage or hallway when folded up.

These scooters have been designed to appeal to children, and many models come in bright colours with reflectors and lights that can also help your child be seen in low light conditions. It makes sense to choose a children’s electric scooter that comes with a seat attachment. This will make it easy for your child to sit down and take a rest whenever they need to. The seat can be removed if your child wants to use the scooter for shorter journeys, and the seat can be adjusted to suit your child’s height as they grow taller.

St Hawk Kids Electric Scooter with Seat, Limited Edition E Scooter

This is an ideal scooter for age ranges 6 – 12 years old and comes with a comfortable seat that is ideal for long journeys. This model has an eye-catching light-up LED glow strip and funky camo colours.

The comfortable padded seat is fully adjustable or can be removed when your child wants to ride it while standing up. The power braking system makes it safer for your child to stop without any jolts or sudden stops.

The St Hawk electric scooter is powered by a 120w, 24v motor and reaches a top speed of  8-10mph. This model is made of robust steel and aluminium and is built to last.


This is an electric scooter that has been designed with teenagers in mind. The 120W battery offers a decent mileage of up to 6-8km in one charge.

The handlebars are fully height-adjustable, so you can find the right height that is comfortable for your kid’s needs and can be further adjusted as they grow taller. The padded seat is also height-adjustable and allows your child to sit and rest while riding.

HOMCOM 120W Teens Foldable E-Scooter

  • 6-8 hours charging time offers 6-8km driven distance
  • Ideal for kids over seven years old
  • The e-scooter is 100% electric and produces zero emissions
  • The electric scooter folds down in a few clicks for easy transportation and storage when not in the use

St Hawk Kids Electric Scooter with Seat

Ideal for ages 6-12 years old, this is a limited-edition electric scooter with a comfortable, adjustable seat. This model is powered by a rechargeable 120w motor and is made of steel and aluminium for a sturdy, long life.

The seat is fully height-adjustable and can be removed so your child can ride while standing. The upgraded power braking system offers a smoother slowing down and stopping and a safer ride for your child.

HOMCOM Electric E Scooter with seat (120W)

Durable electric scooter with a seat for kids. Constructed with metal frame. Maximum speed 10km/h and maximum range 6-8km. The electric scooter is also equipped with adjustable twist grip accelaration handle.

HOMCOM Electric E Scooter with seat (120W)

This electric scooter is supplied with a seat and motor which can take you up to 6-8km distance. It has maximum speed of 10km/h and adjustable twist grip acceleration handle. Folding mechanism will help you carry it when needed. Built on durable metal frame.

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Kids Electric Scooter with a seat (120W)

This electric scooter can go as fast as 12km/h thanks to motor with 120W power. The distance on full charge is about 10-15km. Maximum rider weight cannot be higher than 70kg.

Pink Electric Scooters

If you are looking for something fashionably fun for your child, then look no further than one of these pink e-scooters! We have selected the best pink e-scooters on the market that embody a mix of practicality and fun combined with cutting-edge design.

These are more than pretty pink e-scooters. Our selection of high-quality, robust pink e-scooters delivers on performance with rechargeable electric motors, variable-speed control and excellent shock absorption and braking systems for comfort and safety.

No matter whether you prefer solid or pneumatic tyres, we have selected and reviewed the best of the crop in our pink e-scooters reviews.


Razor Unisex-Youth Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Reaching speeds of up to 10 mph (16 kph) and with a generous 70 minutes of runtime, this Razor e-scooter model is suitable for ages eight and over. It has an easy to use kick-to-start, in-wheel hub motor, push-button throttle and hand-operated front brake for smooth braking without jolting to a stop.

Recharging is easy as the e-scooter comes with a UK safety-approved adapter. The e-scooter folds down and doesn’t take up much storage space when not in use. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around and pack into the car boot for family days out.

Electric Scooter for Children

This is an e-scooters designed by Segway, famous for its upright electric parallel-wheel scooter. This rechargeable battery-powered e-scooter can accelerate up to 14km/h (8.7mph). You can get up to 40 minutes of runtime of a fully charged battery.

The Segway Zing E8 is a lightweight (7.9 kg) scooter that can be folded up and carried easily when not in use. The e-scooter has 400mm front shock absorbers for a comfortable ride. The solid tyres also mean that you don’t need to worry about punctures when riding on rough surfaces.

This model is fitted with cruise control, and the maximum speed has been limited to 10 km/h for the rider’s safety. It has three independent brakes; hand, foot and a regenerative brake.

HOMCOM Electric E Scooter Ride

With a Maximum Speed of 10km/h, and a Maximum Distance of between 6-8km, the HOMCOM e-scooter is a good choice as a first-time e-scooter present. It comes with a comfortable ride-on seat to make it easy for enthusiastic children to take a rest when they need to.

This model has a good battery life of 6-8 hours, so it is ideal for a family day out where younger children may become tired from using a traditional push-scooter. The handlebars include adjustable twist-grip acceleration and a hand-operated brake for extra safety.

Suitable for ages 7 to 12 years old, this makes an excellent first e-scooter to give as a gift for a birthday or Christmas.

St Hawk Kids Electric Scooter with Seat, Limited Edition E Scooter

This e-scooter is an exclusive limited edition, so it would make an excellent gift for a child that wants to stand out. It is a great choice for children aged 6 to 12 years old and comes with a removable seat that means it can be ridden standing or seated.

The safety features include a rear clipping brake for smooth braking and an LED light strip for better visibility in low light conditions. This exclusive design features trendy camo colours for eye-catching style. Boasting a powerful 120w -24v motor, this model can reach speeds of 8-10mph.

HOVERFLY GKS LUMIOS Electric Scooter for Kids 6-12

This is an exciting combination of a kick scooter and an e-scooter. You can start riding with your foot on the front button and kick push the scooter over 2.9km/h(1.8mph). Once mobile, you can place the other foot on the gravity sensor, and the e-scooter will accelerate to a maximum speed of 12km/h.

The Hoverfly GKS Lumios is fitted with an assisted motor for easy and smooth acceleration. You simply lift your back foot off the gravity sensor, and the scooter will slow down. You can use the rear foot brake to bring the scooter to a smooth stop.

Ripsar R100 Pink Electric Scooter (24v)

This is Ripsar R100 electric scooter perfect for young children. You can adjust the handlebar and fold it for transport. Nice 6 inch pneumatic front tyre and sturdy metal frame will guarantee long lasting usage. Comfortable hold rubber handlebar grip is a great addition. Max speed up to 54km/h with weight limit up to 54kg. Suitable for 8+ years old.

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Razor Power Core E90 Pink Electric Scooter

This is highly recommended electric scooter in pink colour. It can go as fast as 16km/h and can run for up to 70 minutes on going use. Suitable for ages 8+.

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HOMCOM 120W Pink Electric Scooter

Durable and sturdy pink electric scooter built on metal frame. It is perfect to use for ages between 7 and 12 years old. You can go as far as 6-8km with maximum speed of 10km/h. The acceleration handle can be adjusted.

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Pink Electric Scooter

Super cool and easy to use electric scooter with 120W motor. Great slick and modern look with 5′ wheels. Maximum weight 60kg. Max speed: 6km/h.

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