Elderly and disabled individuals need a lot of help. Everyday things average people take for granted can be remarkably difficult for an elderly or disabled person. Muscles can become weak making it difficult to rise or sit in a standard recliner and when comfort is key to your overall quality of life, only the best will do. More elderly and disabled people are employing various products to assist with their mobility such as Riser Recliners. If are or know someone who has mobility concerns, consider investing in a riser recliner today.

How Do Riser Recliners Work?

Typical recliners are the best way to relax and enjoy a little down time, but the can be low to the ground and difficult for disabled or elderly people to get out of. The solution is a riser recliner. These units are electric and allow the person to raise the seat slowly to help assist in standing or sitting.

Are Lift Chairs Good for Elderly?

Absolutely! As we age, weakness can happen without warning and having a lift chair available can drastically help an elderly person maintain their independence. The less strain an elderly person places on everyday activities, the longer their muscles will work making it easier to have a better quality life for much longer. No one needs to struggle just to stand and a lift chair offers a significant assistance to any elderly person.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Lift Chair?

Lift chairs offer substantial benefits to elderly and disabled people, but they are not all exactly alike. Thanks to innovations in technology, lift chairs come in a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, not to mention a tone of available features users truly enjoy. Lift chairs can have massage and heat functions, left and right control remotes, additional storage for necessities, cup holders, snack trays, lumbar pillow supports, and more, so be sure to ask about all the features before settling on what is the right choice for your needs.

Do Electric Recliners Use a Lot of Electricity?

No. Riser recliners are not always working, so they only use electricity when using electric functions. A unit that has massage or heating ability will use more electricity, but generally, you can plug them into a standard home outlet without a significant drain on your energy usage. Riser recliners use between 110 and 120 volts with a 15 amp breaker system for the lifting mechanism.

Is Electric Recliner Better Than Manual?

A manual recliner is fine for anyone who does not have mobility concerns, but the low profile of recliners makes it difficult to stand up without stumbling or straining muscles. Electric recliners allow an individual to move to various positions without straining muscles or feeling uncomfortable during the process. An electric recliner is far superior than a typical, manual recliner system.

What is the Difference Between Dual and Single Motor Riser Chair?

The primary difference between a single motor riser recliner and a dual motor system comes down to basic functionality. With a single motor, the chair is able to raise or recline easily, but it is only available for that singular motion. A dual motor system allows one motor to be engaged at a time to enhance comfort. If the person using the chair requires one side to be lifted while the other side is lowered due to an injury or discomfort, it is possible to position the chair exactly where it is needed. Dual motor riser recliners are used for rehabilitation adjusting a person that is mobility impaired for optimal comfort.

Should I Get Fabric or Leather Chair?

This is something you will have to decide for yourself. Functionality of a riser recliner is not affected by the material used to cover the components. Leather chairs are noted to be among the more luxurious varieties, but they can also cause discomfort if the user sweats excessively. Sticking to the material is common and this should be a factor in your choice. However, the benefit of leather is in cleaning the surface.

Leather does not hold on to odours like fabric can and a leather chair can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Elderly and disabled patients may prefer a leather chair surface if they are concerned about germs or have pets that shed excessively.

Are Recliners Worth the Money?

How can you put a price on your personal comfort? Riser recliners can be expensive, but so is hiring a person to assist with your mobility throughout the day. With a riser recliner, a disabled or elderly individual can maintain their independence and enjoy the pleasures and comforts life can bring. Price is always going to be a factor, but it is important that the user carefully manage their comfort level in their own home. Comfort of your loved one is significantly more important than the overall cost of any riser recliner. These units are certainly worth the money?

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