Mobility Scooter Mirrors

Mobility scooter mirrors are not only necessity when it comes to safety but they are also very useful when driving a mobility scooter. If your mobility scooter is not originally equipped with mirrors you could easily attach new ones to your handle bars. They are not expensive but would definitely change your mobility scooter usage experience. Please check some of the mirrors below. Make sure to check manual before buying, especially the handlebar diameter. Some of the mirrors will fit only specific handlebar size.

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ANVAVA 8 mm Handlebar Mirror Mount

This is a set of two mirror clamps that fit to the handlebars of your bike or mobility scooter. Made from aluminium alloy, these are strong and secure clamps that enable you to fit a set of side mirrors to your vehicle.

These mirror mount clamps are suitable for bikes and mobility scooters with 20-24 mm (7/8 inch) handlebars. Corrosion-resistant and easy to install, these mirror mounts are ideal for installing custom-designed mirrors or when your vehicle is lacking mirrors.

MOMOALA One Pair Handlebar Mirror

Mobility scooter safety rear-view mirrors with safety reflectors to help you be seen in the dark. Suitable for mobility scooters and bikes with handlebars width of 3cm (1.18”).

The stylish black and silver mirrors have extra long stems to make it easy to see behind you as you travel. Fully adjustable and supplied with all the fittings you need, the mirror size is 11×7.5cm/4.3″x2.95″, giving you excellent visibility.

Yizhet Mobility Scooter Mirrors

A set of versatile 360° rotatable mirrors that are ideal for fitting to the handlebars of a mobility scooter or electric bike. Sturdy yet lightweight, this set of mirrors is made from ABS plastic and aluminium alloy.

This model comes with an extra-long arm length, so you can easily bend and adjust to suit your needs. The lens has 360° rotation, ideal for fine-tuning your view.

TekBox Pair of Oval Mobility Scooter Mirrors

This is a pair of mirrors with reflectors suitable for wide range of mobility scooters. They are easy to install in a matter of minutes. They feature long stem for extra visibility range and reflectors for extra protection in low light.


Yizhet Pair of Mobility Scooter Mirrors for handlebars with a diameter of 0.87 Inch (22.2mm)

Make sure to check your handlebar diameter before buying. It should be 0.87 inch / 22.2mm. Otherwise you may struggle to fit those mirrors. The mirrors can be rotated 360 degree to ensure extra flexibility and perfect visibility setting. Quick installation and removal, reflectors for extra protection and great value for money.

Universal Scooter Mirrors with 2 7/8' Handlebar

These mirrors come with ball type adjustment and universal connecting joint. They can be rotated 360 degrees and freely adjust up/down or sideways. Well designed, heavy duty and sturdy mirrors will fit most mobility scooters. Please check your handlebar size before buying.

LuTuo Mobility scooter mirrors (22mm-32mm handlebar)

These mirrors are top quality product with adjustable viewing angle. They are shockproof, anti break, climate resistant and have a long lasting quality. You will find adjustable support tube and perfect fitting for handlebars between 22-32mm.

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