Storage Shed for Mobility Scooters

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Mobility Scooter Shelters

4X6 Shiplap Pressure Treated Mobility Scooter Shed

This is perfect wooden shed for your mobility scooter. You can easily drive in straight inside. There is no floor so make sure you have a base prepared before hand. Made of 12mm T&G Shiplalp cladding with 15 Yr Anti-Rot Guarantee.


High strength 190T polyester material for the NEVERLAND ATV Cover make it an adaptable solution for most mobility scooters. It maintains a robust design and a weather and tear resistant design. The cover accommodates up to 208cm, so girth of your mobility device is never an issue. Reflective tape when the cover is in place helps your mobility scooter get noticed by others making it safer to store in outdoor areas. When the cover is not in use, it is easily transported with a folding design and convenient carry handle system.

NEVERLAND Motorbike Cover

For mobility scooters that have a profile more in line with motorbikes, the NEVERLAND Motorbike Cover can be an affordable and applicable solution for your mobility scooter storage needs. It features the ability to lock down the device to avoid the potential for theft, but also comes with reflective tape throughout the cover. This helps others easily see your mobility scooter and assists in the avoidance of potential accidents and damage to your device. The cover is easy to employ and maintains a weatherproof exterior for optimal protection.

Hidey Hood Mobility Scooter Canopy

Covering your mobility scooter every time you park it can be a chore and not everyone has an available garage to keep their scooter in. The answer to both these issues is the Hidey Hood Mobility Scooter Canopy. This system is set in place with minimal tools and allows you to have a waterproof place to store your mobility device. The Hidey Hood has dimensions of 250cm width, 167cm height, and 167cm depth, so even larger mobility scooters are covered. Best of all, the Hidey Hood is so easy to install with just 5 metal rods, much like a tent installation, you can take it anywhere you need to be for optimal mobility scooter protection.

Rob McAlister Ltd HIH90 Mobility Scooter Cover

The Rob McAlister Ltd HIH90 Mobility Scooter Cover works against a shed or outdoor wall. It attaches to the wall and folds down over the device for high quality, waterproof coverage. This device is 250cm wide and 167cm deep, so it will fit most mobility devices, even those that are more robust or heavy duty. The green material for this mobility scooter cover offers the ability to blend into natural surroundings, so it will not negatively impact your exterior décor.

StormProtector Lockable Standard Size Mobility Scooter Cover

The rigid nature of the StormProtector Lockable Standard Size Mobility Scooter Cover is the ideal solution for anyone requiring outdoor storage for their mobility device. The solid, steel frame offers substantial protection from wind, rain, and even thieves. This structure remains easy to use, but also lightweight enough to move if necessary. The device has proven effective against 100mph wind, so most storms are no problem UV protection is provided from high grade polyester that will last for many years to come.

FeelGoodUK Mobility Scooter Cover

A full galvanized frame system provides ultimate protection to your mobility scooter with the FeelGoodUK Mobility Scooter Cover. This device offers full protection to your mobility device in any weather condition. Dimensions for the device are 285cm in length, by 107cm width, and a height of 158cm. The device is made so you can easily drive your mobility scooter into the structure and pull the folding frame over your device for optimal protection.

Mobility Scooter Storage

Many mobility device storage options are remarkably expensive, but with this Mobility Scooter Storage unit, you receive optimal, and total weather proof storage without costing too much. Construction for the dome shaped device is easy and requires a few poles mush like a tent. It is a larger than average mobility scooter storage device, so even if you have one of the larger devices on the market, you can have portable storage at all times. This device is so portable and easy to employ, many bring it along with them on their caravan travels.

Mobility Scooter Shelter

A standard mobility scooter storage device might help keep wind and rain from your mobility scooter, but for optimal and effective protection, the rigid construction of the Mobility Scooter Shelter is ideal. This device features a base construction format of steel poles that provide a dome shaped frame for effective storage. The system is then covered with high strength, polyester for full protection from wind, rain, and debris from storms. When you do not have a garage or outdoor shed for storing your mobility scooter, the Mobility Scooter Shelter is the perfect and most affordable option for ideal storage.

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