Best Mobility Walkers

Mobility Walkers are very handy when you need to move around your house or town. They provide great support in day to day tasks. You will find 3 wheel and 4 wheel mobility aid walkers and some comes with a bag or seat too. Check the list below to find the best option for you.

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3 Wheel Mobility Walkers (Rollators)

Days Tri Wheel Walker with Push Down Brakes

Stability and comfort are essential parts of any mobility device and the Days Tri Wheel Walker with Push Down Brakes is one of the easiest and most comfortable 3 wheel mobility walkers on the market. Ideal for use in indoors and outdoors, the walker features 2 sturdy back wheels and one independent swivel wheel at the helm to help you turn easily. A push down brake system and ergonomic handle design help the walker remain user friendly and comfortable for all people with mobility challenges.

Homecraft Folding Three Wheeled Rollator

Portability is an important feature of any mobility walker and the Homecraft Folding Three Wheeled Rollator Tri Mobility Walker easily folds for storage or placing in the trunk space of your vehicle. The onboard basket provides an easy access storage space while you are on the go and 3 sturdy wheels support up to 125kg. Ergonomically designed handles and braking system allow you to remain in control at all times for an easy walking experience.

Aidapt Standard Walkers

Simple to use mobility walker which is arthritic-friendly and equipped with lock brakes. Super easy to transport and store. Allowed maximum usage is 115kg (18st).

Days Foldable 3-Wheel Tri Mobility Walker

Great mobility walker with 190mm diameter wheels. Perfect to maneuver around your house or outdoors. The frame is made of durable aluminium. It is very light (7.7kg) walker with adjustable height (83cm - 93cm). You can fold it easily for storage and transportation. It comes with durable carry bag. Highly recommended by other users.

Angel Mobility Tri Walker

Highly recommended mobility walker equipped with Arthritis friendly handles and adjustable height. Very light walker built on alloy frame (4.7kg). Easy to fold for transport in seconds.

Aids 4 Mobility Tri Walker with Lockable Brakes

This mobility walker is premium quality item made of heavy duty, sturdy aluminium. Thanks to used materials the mobility walker is extra light. Comfy hand grips and adjustable height handles come as a standard. Easy to fold and transport. For the extra safety the mobility walker is equipped with lockable brakes. Maximum allowed user weight is 125kg (19.5st).

4 Wheel Mobility Walkers (Rollators)


MobiQuip Aluminium Rollator

A quality made mobility walker is designed to be your constant companion and there for all your mobility needs. The MobiQuip Aluminium Rollator is the ideally designed mobility walker you have been looking for complete with a flip down seat and extensive braking system for maximum versatility. Additionally, the 4 wheel composition offers substantial stability and this model even comes with a cane holder for even more versatility.

COSTWAY Folding Rollator

Some mobility walkers can let you down when it comes to ultimate versatility, but that is not something you will have to worry about with the COSTWAY Folding Rollator. This mobility walker is designed with the utmost comfort and versatility in mind. This 4 wheel model comes complete with a wide seat and full backrest to help you remain comfortable when you need a seat for a while. The onboard storage bag helps you carry groceries, essentials, and more without overloading your hands and the device folds to just 28cm, so it can be stored practically anywhere.

Drive DeVilbiss Rollator

Not all mobility walkers come with a suspension system, but the Drive DeVilbiss Rollator does. This device is designed to be your constant companion with comfortable seat and updated backrest. A comprehensive braking system completes the package making the Drive DeVibiss Rollator among the best 4 wheel mobility walkers on the market. When it is time to store the mobility device, one touch folding enables you to easily fold and store the rollator with little effort.


Days Breeze Indoor Rollator

Just because a mobility walker is designed simply, does not mean it is not an essential mobility device. The Days Breeze Indoor Rollator is designed for indoor use, so it does not have the typical seat attached to the device. However, it does maintain an onboard storage compartment with an above tray feature, so you can walk around indoors without having to carry essential items. The device is fully height adjustable, so no matter how tall or short you may be, it remains comfortable. The Days Breeze Indoor Rollator also features a foldable format, so when you are not using it, it folds easily out of the way and can hold up to 100 kg.

Days Lightweight Folding Four Wheel Rollator

You can always be ready for anything with the Days Lightweight Folding Four Wheel Rollator. This mobility walker is designed to be easy to use and safe to operate with a full braking system that locks when necessary. The onboard storage area is large enough to hold anything you require and the padded seat with backrest helps you enjoy a comfortable seat at any time. The designer remains ergonomic, so you will never feel stressed when operating the device and the foldable and adjustable features onboard allow you to use the Days Lightweight Folding Four Wheel Rollator at virtually any event or just abound the home. Its electric blue colour enhances the design, so you can have a stylish mobility waler as well.

Grey Ultra Lightweight Rollator Modern

For those looking for more of a modern design to their mobility walker, the Grey Ultra Lightweight Rollator is ideal. The modern design leaves nothing out of place yet maintains a sleek look. Not only is this mobility walker available in grey, but white and red as well. The design is fully collapsible, so storage is never a problem with the Grey Ultra Lightweight Rollator and the onboard seat and locking wheels enable you to find a comfortable seat anywhere you need to sit down. Two large front wheels swivel easily while 2 back wheels provide ideal support. High quality shock absorption technology completes the package for a comprehensive and amazingly designed mobility walker.

Mobiclinic, Walker for Elderly

Super popular and highly recommended mobility walker helper built on aluminium frame. Super strong and very light with possibility to adjust the height. It provides practical basket and break levers. Easy to store and transport.


Days Essentials, Lightweight 4 Wheel Mobility Walker

This is 4 wheel mobility walker built on lightweight aluminium rollator. It has back support, padded seat and cushioned back rest for extra comfort. Basket below the seat will allow you to keep your belongings. Very popular and practical four wheel mobility walker for users up to 100kg (15.5st).


Homecraft Four Wheeled Rollator Walker with Breaks

if you are looking for more functionality than this mobility aid would be perfect. It can be used as either mobility walker or as a short transport chair. The item can support the user with the weight up to 160kg (25st). Rollator has flip up footrests and height adjustable handles. You will also find brakes for extra safety.

Mobility walker

This is 4 wheel mobility walker with puncture proof rubber tyres. The walker is equipped with brakes and seat for extra comfort. It can be easily folded.

Mobility Knee Walkers

Breaking a leg or having your mobility compromised due to another leg injury can be a problem. Crutches and other traditional devices are uncomfortable and difficult to manage, but a knee walker is different. It does not put undue stress on other parts of the body and allows you to gently stroll along while keeping your hurt leg exactly where it need to be for proper healing. If you have injured your leg and need help getting around, these mobility knee walkers are the answer.

Vive Mobility Knee Walker

The Vive Mobility Knee Walker is excellent for getting around when you have an injury in one of your legs. This model provides ultimate stability with 4 wheels. The front wheels remain steerable for optimal mobility and the strait back wheels have been placed closer together so they never compromise your ability to use the device. An onboard front pouch helps to carry essentials without having to attach anything to the device. The Vive Mobility Knee Walker’s knee seat remains comfortable and ultra padded, so you can use it all day long without pain.

COSTWAY Steerable Knee Walker

Versatility and comfort are built into every part of the COSTWAY Steerable Knee Walker. This device is ideal for anyone suffering from a disability, sprain, leg weakness, or just recovering from a leg injury. The COSTWAY Steerable Knee Walker is designed to be easy to steer with a dual braking system. Additionally, users can utilize the available and removable basket attached to the front of the device for further versatility. Comprised of medical grade metals, the device is capable of holding up to a 136kg adult with ease and is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

Adjustable Steerable Knee Walker Scooter

No two people are every made exactly alike and that is where the Adjustable Steerable Knee Walker Scooter shines in design. This scooter allows both the knee pad and handlebar system to be adjusted to your individual needs. Finding the right height can aid greatly in your recovery and make mobility easier. Onboard the Adjustable Steerable Knee Walker Scooter you will find additional adjustable and attachment features such as a removable basket and dual braking system. The device is able to hold up to 136 kg, so even heavier individuals will have no problem using this ultra sturdy mobility knee walker.

Steerable Knee walker with brakes

Full steel frame construction on the Steerable Knee Walker with Brakes makes the device among the most durable mobility knee walkers on the market. The deluxe braking system offer a secure way to stop and 8” castors make it easy to use the scooter for both indoor and outdoor activities. Adjustable features including the knee pad and handlebar system help you remain comfortable onboard the Steerable Knee Walker with Brakes. The device folds easily for maximum portability.

GYMAX Foldable Knee Walker

Comfort and safety are essential when using a knee mobility scooter and not all devices are designed to be as comfortable as they should. The GYMAX Foldable Knee Walker is designed to be everything you need it to be and help enhance your mobility. This device features an adjustable tiller and knee pad along with a removable basket. Heights from 1.5m to 2m can easily use this scooter and the entire device folds down for easy storage.

YUXINCAI Steerable Knee Rollator Walker

When a heavy duty knee walker is in order, look no further than the YUXINCAI Steerable Knee Rollator Walker. This device is easy to use and is even recommended for amputees requiring help with their mobility needs. The YUXINICAI Steerable Rollator Walker can hold up to a 158kg, so even the heaviest of individuals can ride on a sturdy device. Although it is heavy duty, this knee scooter remains remarkably light weight and foldable, so you can take it anywhere you need to be.

Vive Mobility Knee Walker

Just because you have limited mobility does not mean life is supposed to stop. If you are among the many who never slow down, consider the Vive Mobility Knee Walker for your mobility needs. This knee scooter is designed with 4 all terrain tires and a strong frame, so it can take you anywhere you want to go. An onboard, detachable bag helps you keep your essentials with you on your adventures and the dual braking system helps keep you safe.

All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

Portability is built into every part of the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker. This device features four durable all terrain tires and a foldable format for easy transport. The onboard basket can be removed when the device is folded and the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker can fit easily into the truck of most cars. The scooter can hold up to 158kg.

KneeRover Steerable

The dual braking system onboard the KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter helps you get where you want to be without compromising on safety. This device remains simple to operate and easy to control for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed to be both left and right knee compatible, so no matter which knee requires assistance, you can use the knee scooter. Adjustable tiller and knee pad enhance versatility of the KneeRover Knee Scooter.

KneeRover Quad All Terrain

Nothing will slow you down with the all terrain power of the KneeRover Quad All Terrain Knee Walker. This devices is designed with 4 large tires with deep tread, so you never have to worry about getting stuck on uneven ground. Not only can you enjoy the optimal versatility of the 12” tires, you will also love the foldable format and ultimate portability of this cleverly designed knee scooter.