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“Mobility scooter users of Oaktree are taking their lives into their own hands”

After seeing two residents falling over whilst trying to get onto the pavement, Jim Crow (the parish councillor and treasurer of the Oaktree residents) thinks that mobility scooter users from St Leonards are “taking their lives into their own hands” when they go out on their scooters. Due to the height of the curbs, Oaktree Park residents […]

How Egg-xiting!

Is this single person Egg-shaped, open-topped single person ‘scooter’ the future of mobility scooters? Hyundai have created a new ‘scooter’ called the ‘E4U’ that, instead of using wheels, uses a ‘rotating semi spherical part’ that works like a constantly rotating lower half of a ball. The driver of the scooter stands on a small platform and directs […]