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Last of the Summer Wine boy racers on mobility scooters

Whilst the majority of us will try and grow old with a certain grace and decorum, mobility scooter owners and “boy” racers Ron Williams, 91, and John Crowther, 87, are determined to live life in the fast lane in the village of Ribchester in Lancashire. Former Preston Trades Council vice-chairman and one-time JP Ron and […]

Anti-theft micro-chips are fitted to mobility scooters in Skeggy

Theft of mobility scooters is very much on the increase, either for joy riding pranks or for re-sale. Police in Skegness, Lincolnshire are offering mobility scooter owners the chance to get their vehicles micro-chipped to prevent theft in the future. The Lincolnshire Police have organised a mobility scooter micro-chipping event to run as part of […]

Forget sports cars, playboy Hugh Hefner’s preferred mode of transport is the mobility scooter!!

There was a time when a playboy’s chosen mode of transport would have been a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Not so for Playboy magazine founder and owner Hugh Hefner, the epitome of the playboy in the 1950s-1970s. These days he is quite happy to be snapped by the paparazzi trundling around on a mobility scooter. Hugh […]

The London 2012 Paralympics legacy lives on in the form of a mobility scooter marathon!!

Eastbourne multiple sclerosis sufferer, James Pagram has recently completed a marathon mobility scooter journey across the South Downs in Sussex. Travelling at a maximum speed of eight miles an hour, James completed the 114-mile challenge on his mobility scooter, despite the handicap of secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. He has already raised over £7,000 for the […]

Beware: many streets are paved in gold for mobility scooter dealers!!

Over the past 10 years, battery-powered mobility scooters have transformed and revolutionised the lives of many elderly and disabled people. As widespread as mobility scooters are on the pavements of the UK, gaining access to these vehicles of access, is not as easy as you might imagine. The mobility scooter should be the panacea to […]

You can kangaroo on mobility scooters as well as in cars!!

40 years after filming “Skippy The Bush Kangaroo”, Aussie actor Ken James has reprised the role of Mark Hammond. Ken James played the part of Mark Hammond, son of head ranger Matt Hammond (Ed Devereaux) in the 1960s TV series that followed the life of the mischievous kangaroo. The actor returned to Waratah Park in Sydney, where the original […]