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Mobility scooter owners misses out on Xmas market due to access issues

The Knutsford Guardian reported earlier this month that a local resident missed out on the town’s Christmas market due to lack of space between the stalls that prevented her access on her mobility scooter. Knutsford’s Xmas market was attended by in excess of a hundred craft and artisan food traders, with hundreds of visitors enjoying […]

Bureaucratic Scrooge bans mobility scooters on health & safety grounds

A community centre in Hull, caring for a hundred elderly people, have been requested to ban mobility scooters for health and safety reasons. Volunteers at the Alf Marshall Centre in Bransholme have been requested to prevent people on mobility scooters using the centre or face closure in the new year. Inspectors from Humberside Fire and […]

Should mobility scooter users have a mandatory driving test?

Mobility scooter users will be given advice on how to use their vehicles responsibly at a special event at Boscombe, near Bournemouth. Police Community Support Officers will offer advice to mobility scooter owners at the Sovereign shopping centre, explaining the relevant sections of the Highway Code and handing out leaflets, supporting their presentation. The event will […]

End of the line for larger mobility scooters on Scotrail trains

A mobility scooter driver has been denied disabled access by First ScotRail as she tried to board a train at her local station in Girvan. Mobility scooter owner Grace Tait was told that her particular size of mobility scooter was no longer allowed on Scotrail’s trains as it was considered too big. Grace’s husband Duncan Tait […]