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One Direction race mobility scooters in their new Midnight Memories video

One Direction have announced their new single Midnight Memories by releasing the artwork and teaser promoting the supporting music video. Shot in London, the  Midnight Memories video features One Direction teaming up with some grannies and granddads to have a race on mobility scooters. Clearly Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn are bored of driving around […]

Mobility scooter ownership expands to 300,000 in UK

Britain is the mobility scooter capital of Europe, with more than a quarter of a million on our roads. According to the Daily Mail, five years ago there were just 70,000 mobility scooters on the paths and roads of the UK, but now there are just shy of 300,000, according to the British Healthcare Trades […]

Revolutionary new mobility scooter that can access stairs & escalators

There are new products continually being invented to help the mobility scooter owner. One of the latest inventions will revolutionise  the mobility scooter market, so the future looks very bright for mobility scooter users!! A company has developed a revolutionary mobility scooter for the handicapped and elderly in need of mobility assistance. The new mobility scooter gives […]

The perils of a lack of dropped kerbs for mobility scooter users

Campaigners who protested in Bournemouth earlier in the year because of the danger to mobility scooter users, posed by the lack of dropped kerbs in the St Leonards area, have won their fight. Oaktree Park residents who use mobility scooters said it was almost impossible to get onto pavements next to the busy A31 because of the height of […]