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A law that prevented drunks driving horse-drawn carriages in the 1800s used to charge a drunk mobility scooter user

58 year old Grandfather, Martin Meikle-Kilford, was found to be over three times the limit while operating his mobility scooter when breathalysed and was charged with drink-driving, with results returning 117 mcg of alcohol, the limit being 35 mcg. Later, Martin’s charge was changed to a law that was used in the 1800s that would […]

New policy sees driving lessons introduced to mobility scooter owners in Aberdeen

Recently the Aberdeen City Council introduced a new policy that changes the way mobility scooters are used and stored, requiring scooter users to receive training before their first drive. With the popularity of mobility scooters increasing, the Council have seen a rise in the number of safety concerns due to reports of damaged property from […]