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Mobility scooter “Wacky Races Day” enhances user confidence

Mobility scooter owners were invited to enter a “Wacky Races Day” funded by the Arbroath COPD Group. Luckily there were no “Dick Dastardly” tricks as mobility scooter drivers pitted their wits against each other last weekend. The Arbroath Mobility Scooter Wacky Races included activities aimed at giving confidence to both novice and advanced mobility scooter users. […]

Woman has to pay for insurance to use mobility scooter at festival

A disabled woman has criticised the organisers of a local festival for discriminating against her by forcing her to pay for insurance if she wishes her to take her mobility scooter with her. Sharon Dawson, who lives in Lincoln, was looking forward to attending the Twinwood Festival in Bedfordshire in 2017, and was forward planning as she has recently been […]

Loughborough councillor demands mobility scooters are licensed

Mobility scooter riders should be licensed to avoid dangerous and erratic driving in Loughborough, according to a county councillor. Concerns around the way mobility scooters are driven in Loughborough town centre, with some being driven on main roads, needs to be addressed immediately according to Councillor Peter Lewis, who represents Loughborough South West ward. He raised […]