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Mobility scooters to do conga: what next musical wheelchairs?!

Mobility scooters are to lead a “conga” around Plymouth city centre for a fundraising event next month. The walking-pace “scoot” has been organised by community transport charity Access Plymouth to raise awareness of it’s services. Access Plymouth’s fundraising officer Erica Travies explained: “We hope it will be a bit of a conga through the city. […]

Disturbing increase in mobility scooter crashes in the UK

With mobility scooters sales going into the stratosphere in recent years, there is a direct correlation in the rise in the number of accidents both minor and fatal involving mobility scooters. Mobility scooters now account for more accidents on the road than tractors!! According to the Daily Record, in excess of 700 people in the UK have […]

Refuse collectors make mobility scooter owners feel like “has bins”

Residents were up in arms when the callous actions of council employed dustbin men meant disabled people reliant on their mobility scooters could not leave their homes and therefore were imprisoned. Grandmother-of-three Johanne Roach took pictures of the bins that had been deliberately knocked over on the pavement in Wythenshawe, Manchester. She explained: “They were literally […]

Police arrest & “take away” mobility scooter driver at McDonalds

A pensioner who refused to leave a McDonald’s drive-thru when he pulled up at the counter on his mobility scooter has been charged under a Victorian drink-driving law. Lincolnshire police were called to the McDonalds branch by staff at the Grand Parade restaurant in Skegness. The Lincolnshire Echo reported that the mobility scooter driver had tried to place an order […]