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Last orders for OAP mobility scooter users at Wetherspoon pub

A disabled couple are to sacrifice regular Sunday lunch at a Swansea pub after a rule change that means they can’t park their mobility scooters inside Wetherspoons. Teresa and Colin Rabey have been visiting the Potters Wheel in Kingsway in Swansea since it opened. The pensioners say they have now been informed they cannot park their mobility scooters in […]

Eight fatalities in the UK involving mobility scooters

A recent report revealed that eight people died as a result of mobility scooter crashes last year. There’s been a significant increase in the number of mobility scooter accidents that are reported to police and new data shows that there were an average of four crashes per week. Over the last five years 28 pedestrians were seriously injured as a […]

Should mobility scooter users be banned for driving over the alcohol limit, like other drivers?

A disabled pensioner has been banned from driving for year for being drunk in charge of his mobility scooter. However Joe Harvey of Balnacraig Road, Inverness will still be mobile as he does not need a licence to drive a mobility scooter as the ban does not apply to mobility scooters. Harvey who admitted driving on Telford Street,Inverness in […]

Llanelli pensioner says mobility scooter users need more support

Mobility scooter user Pat Winchester feels she is viewed by pedestrians and drivers in Llanelli as a “nuisance and a pest” The Tir Einon pensioner is hitting out after former Scarlets player Neville Holmes criticised the lack of dropped pavements in the town. Mr Holmes had compiled a list of pavements in the town which it […]