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Mobility scooter barred access at Grantham Post Office

A woman who has a disability has been informed she is not allowed in a post office on her mobility scooter. Louise Davies, 61, was in tears after being ‘embarrassed’ when she rode her mobility scooter into the Grantham town centre Post Office, something she has done many times before. She said: “A Post Office […]

Four buses refuse access to disabled man on mobility scooter

You’ve heard the analogy of no buses for ages and then three come along in quick succession? But you are unlikely to have heard the one about four buses coming along and every one refusing access to a disabled man on a mobility scooter!! Well it happened to a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer who has claimed he […]

Disabled woman banned from driving her mobility scooter on bus

A disabled woman has told of her humiliation after being refused access to a bus with her mobility scooter. Samantha Jones, 25, claims she wasn’t allowed to board the bus with her scooter, but after arguing with the driver, her fiancé was allowed to drag it on after she had been transferred into a wheelchair. Samantha from Warrington, […]