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Japanese railways to overturn rule preventing foreign travellers from taking mobility scooters on trains

If you are a mobility scooter user and you have been a tourist or traveller in Japan in the past or are planning to visit the country, this will be of interest to you. The Japanese transport ministry has urged railways to abolish an industry rule that virtually bans foreign travellers with disabilities from using mobility scooters on […]

Mobility scooter driver causes mayhem in Derby city centre

A mobility scooter rider has been filmed on Derby’s inner road holding up traffic and narrowly avoiding an accident with a bus. The video shows the scooter rider holding up traffic including a lorry which comes up behind the queue and is forced to come to a crawl. Neil Wheatley filmed from the passenger seat of a car […]

No drive thru or drive out for mobility scooter user at McDonalds in Croydon

A 50-year-old disabled woman had to be pushed up a road in Croydon by passers-by when the power for her mobility scooter ran out, not long after she was refused permission to charge it in a McDonald’s restaurant. Deborah Molloy, from New Addington, drove in to the McDonald’s on Church Street in Croydon town centre […]

Mobility scooters banned from neighbourhood centre for health and safety reasons

High-powered mobility scooters have been banned from a neighbourhood centre in a health and safety crackdown. Action was taken after a number of incidents involving staff and visitors leading to Class 3 mobility scooters ( which can be driven on roads and reach speeds of up to 8mph ) are no longer allowed inside Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre […]

Pensioner rides mobility scooter on M74

An elderly pensioner has been apprehended by police after riding his mobility scooter on a motorway in Scotland. A number of members of the public contacted police gravely concerned for the safety of a 92-year-old after he was witnessed travelling on the M74 in Lanarkshire. The pensioner was pulled over close to junction six near Motherwell and Hamilton. He had been driving […]

Mobility scooter spotted “tootles around’ Derby ring road

A mobility scooter was caught on camera being driven along a busy inner-city ring road. Motorist Linda Miller captured the dashcam footage on the A601 in Derby on her way home from a shopping trip. Mrs Miller, from Littleover, said she saw the scooter “tootling along” on Tuesday. While some motorised scooters can legally be […]

Dropped kerbs can stop mobility scooter drivers feeling like prisoners

Elderly residents have won a campaign to have dropped curbs outside their homes so they can get to the local shops on mobility scooters. A £2,800 project was rolled out in The Hollies in Maybank, Staffordshire where complaints  had been made over the pavements for some time. Now dropped kerbs have been created meaning those with mobility restrictions are able to […]