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Mobility scooter speed restriction clampdown planned in Newbury

Newbury Town Council is set to launch a clampdown on mobility scooter drivers who speed in the town centre. The council has received complaints about the number of mobility scooters speeding around pedestrians in the busy shopping streets of Newbury, prompting councillors to approve an awareness campaign. The Share the Space campaign, which will also […]

Disabled mobility scooter driver almost reduced to crawling into Glasgow post office

A disabled man was banned from his local Post Office after staff told him his mobility scooter was not allowed entry. Raymond Brown, 47, claimed two women in the Glasgow West Nile Street branch said only three-wheeled vehicles were permitted. When he explained his four-wheeled scooter was a pavement model it made no difference. Raymond, […]

Council encouraging people to switch on to mobility scooter charge stations

Marlborough District Council staff are encouraging mobility scooter users to plug in and recharge using town centre power points. Although mobility scooter users can boost their batteries using several power points within the town, the recharge areas are not being widely used. Blenheim councillor Jenny Andrews says the recharge points were installed to help make […]