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Half of employees believe using a mobility scooter would undermine their credibility

Since the 2010 Equality Act, workplaces across the UK are obliged to provide disability access. Yet despite driving up the use of mobility aid tools and facilities such as mobility ramps, new research reveals many workers believe using mobility aids, including a mobility scooter, in the workplace would undermine their professional image and credibility. From […]

Mobility scooter safety sessions introduced in Horsham

Each year, the number of accidents nationwide, involving mobility scooters, continues to rise. Several have been severe and resulted in deaths. A Stay Safe skills and safety session is now being offered to mobility scooter drivers in Horsham, Surrey with the aim of increasing safety awareness and skills to reduce the risk of accidents and […]

Disabled woman not permitted on train with mobility scooter

Mobility scooter user Isla Reid, 25, from Southport, who is also pregnant, said she felt discriminated against after she was unable to access a train from Lime Street Station in Liverpool to a hospital appointment. Northern Trains’ policy did not permit mobility scooters unless folded up. She said she struggled to walk more than a […]