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Mobility scooter “Wacky Races Day” enhances user confidence

Mobility scooter owners were invited to enter a “Wacky Races Day” funded by the Arbroath COPD Group. Luckily there were no “Dick Dastardly” tricks as mobility scooter drivers pitted their wits against each other last weekend. The Arbroath Mobility Scooter Wacky Races included activities aimed at giving confidence to both novice and advanced mobility scooter users. […]

Singer Will Young confesses to a mobility scooter obsession

Singer Will Young admitted to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show that he had a thing about mobility scooters. In the ITV interview Will Young told Lorraine Kelly that he loves having some drama in his shows including a mobility scooter that lights up. He explained: “I’m slightly obsessed with mobility scooters and I don’t […]

Formula 1 has competition from mobility scooter drivers!!

St Ives in Cambridgeshire will compete with Monaco at the end of May when it holds its first on-street Grand Prix. However unlike Monaco, the drivers in St Ives will not be driving racing cars capable of more than 200 mph, but mobility scooters with a top speed of 4mph!! John Souter, of St Ives […]

Mobility scooter users sought for Guinness World Record attempt

Mobility scooter users are being encouraged to take part in a Guinness world record attempt as part of Warrington Disability Partnership’s 25th anniversary celebrations. WDP wants to break the world record for the largest parade of electric mobility scooters at Golden Square Shopping Centre in Warrington in two weeks time A procession of mobility scooter […]

High noon for two OAPs on mobility scooters on Jeremy Kyle Show

Two grandmothers who were not technically even guests on the Jeremy Kyle TV show but jumped in to defend their daughters who were on the ITV programme to argue over a man. Angie, who had been dating Glen for six months, wanted his ex-girlfriend Gina to leave them alone. Gina’s mother became increasingly angry as […]

New Guinness World Record set for fastest mobility scooter

Luxury mobility scooters are typically set to a maximum speed of 8mph, however, David Anderson and Mathew Hine recently featured in the Guinness Book of World Records after the mobility scooter they built clocked speeds of 107mph. The Guinness World Record set guidelines on the challenge, stating that the scooter must look traditional and be […]

Cool Remote Controlled Mobility Scooter Sculptures

Here’s something you don’t see everyday and I want one! Zander Bice an artist and illustrator from Los Angeles is the creator of these hand sculpted figures sitting on remote controlled mobility scooters. The project took him 14 weeks and the detail is amazing right down to individual items of shopping in their baskets. Check out […]

One Direction race mobility scooters in their new Midnight Memories video

One Direction have announced their new single Midnight Memories by releasing the artwork and teaser promoting the supporting music video. Shot in London, the  Midnight Memories video features One Direction teaming up with some grannies and granddads to have a race on mobility scooters. Clearly Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn are bored of driving around […]

Is this a new Prom trend as stretch limousine is replaced by a mobility scooter?

A 13-year-old schoolboy and four of his friends from Worksop in Nottinghamshire axed the customary luxury stretch limousine transport to take them to their end of year Prom Ball, in preference for wheel barrows and mobility scooters. Patrick Gallagher, who attends Worksop College, decided to sacrifice travelling in luxury to the Prom Ball in order […]

Couple travel to holiday destination on their mobility scooters!!

When Cliff Richard and his friends famously went off on their “Summer Holiday”, they took a red Routemaster double decker bus. Carol and John Palmer from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire could have travelled to the seaside resort of Skegness by car, bus or train. But that would have been too easy!! Instead they decided to make the […]