Having constant access to your mobility scooter is incredibly important to help you maintain your independence and freedom. So what happens when you accidentally misplace or lose your mobility scooter key?

It can be handy to learn the trick of starting your mobility scooter without a key so you can continue with your plans and get a replacement key ordered. It is crucial to know how to start your scooter when you are out and about away from home when you lose your key.

There are safe ways to get your mobility scooter started without a key that won’t cause any damage or an expensive repair bill.

It makes sense to contact your scooter manufacturer to get a new key ordered. However, a new key can take days to be delivered, so you could try to hotwire your scooter in the meantime.

Hot wiring is an old fashioned method of starting cars and other machines that use ignition and battery to start up. But this may seem like a daunting experience for anyone that has never done it before. If you don’t want to attempt this yourself, don’t have the necessary tools with you, or you are not able-bodied enough to try this, then you can call out an emergency car mechanic who could do this for you.

But first, you could try to start your scooter using the mid-sized screwdriver (if you have one to hand) instead of a key. Some scooter models can be started in this way.

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