Mobility scooters have been of great advantage to those who would other be limited in the tasks they can achieve. However, there can still be instances when an accident occurs.

Depending on the severity of the accident, the ramifications can be serious following a mobility scooter accident, both physically and financially.

Although no one wants to contemplate being in a mobility scooter accident, knowing where to start should an accident occur can mean less stress making a claim, as well as being more aware of whether a claim can be made in the first instance.

What Are the Rules Regarding Mobility Scooters in The United Kingdom?

A mobility scooter is referred to as an ‘invalid carriage.’ This means that whole a driving license isn’t required when riding a mobility scooter.

Although many mobility scooters can seem similar, they fall within two classes. These classes are as follows:

As a Class 3 Invalid Carriage is used on the road, it will need to be registered with the DVLA.

What Is the Speed Limit of Mobility Scooters of the United Kingdom?

The maximum speed of a mobility scooter on the road will only ever be 8 mph (UK). However, those using a Class 3 mobility scooter on the pavement need to maintain a speed of 4 mph.

It is also important to remember that pedestrians have the right of way. If the rules in place are not followed, then any compensation is likely to be forfeited.

If you are ever unsure of the class of your mobility scooter, then it may be worthwhile checking the documentation, or asking the seller when making a purchase.

What Are the Common Causes of Mobility Scooter Accidents?

Mobility scooter accidents come in many forms. However, there can be a lot of similarities in the accidents that occur. The following is an overview of some of the common causes of mobility scooter accidents.

Unforeseen Fault with the Mobility Scooter

It is always recommended that you use a reputable and reliable mobility scooter provider. This ensures that the scooter you choose is recognised in the industry and can offer the protection needed.

However, there can be times when faults occur, and in some instances, they can lead to an accident. Instances include faulting wiring that means the scooter cannot stop or defective steering that causes the driver to lose control.

Defects on the Pavement or Road

There can be instances when roads and pavements are damaged in some form. There could be potholes or cracks in the pavement that cause a trip hazard. Should you sustain a mobility scooter accident due to defects like this, then a claim for compensation

Collision With Another Vehicle

Even in instances where mobility scooters are following the rules, collisions can still occur due to the other driver’s negligence. Not only can this potentially cause an injury but could damage the scooter. As such, compensation will be needed to provide you with another scooter.

What Can Be Claimed for When Carrying Out a Mobility Scooter Accident?

There is no set amount regarding mobility scooter accident compensation. This is because the outcome of the case can depend on several factors which are as follows.

  • The cost of medical treatment.
  • Any financial loss because of the accident.
  • Transportation costs to the hospital.
  • Whether the mobility scooter needs repairing or replacing.
  • Any pain or suffering due to the accident.

Why Consider No Win No Fee Mobility Scooter Accident Claims?

Although those involved in a mobility scooter accident are encouraged to make a claim, legal costs can be expensive.

Instead of paying legal fees upfront, you should consider a no win no fee arrangement. This allows a solicitor to carry out work and reclaim the costs from the final settlement. As well as being more financially viable, it can also give claimants confidence that their case will be successful.

The information listed allows you to garner a better idea of whether you should consider compensation for a mobility scooter accident, and the options available when making a claim.

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