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Anti-theft micro-chips are fitted to mobility scooters in Skeggy

Theft of mobility scooters is very much on the increase, either for joy riding pranks or for re-sale. Police in Skegness, Lincolnshire are offering mobility scooter owners the chance to get their vehicles micro-chipped to prevent theft in the future.

The Lincolnshire Police have organised a mobility scooter micro-chipping event to run as part of a charity coffee morning, under the banner “Keep your mobility scooter safe in Skegness”. Lincs Police have organised the session as part of their ‘Scooter Safe’ initiative due to the high volume of mobility scooters in use in the  town.

Each mobility scooter will be chipped, UV marked and its owner issued with a unique security passport for just £5. The Immobitage devices are embedded into the frame of the mobility scooter and contain a unique serial number which can be read and traced by police if stolen. Warning stickers advising would-be thieves that the mobility scooter has been tagged will also be handed out.

PCSO Jayne Richardson explains: “There are a large number of mobility scooters in the coastal towns, used by residents and holidaymakers alike, and some models can cost many thousands of pounds. Although crime levels are low in the region and thefts of scooters aren’t common, we are keen to encourage people to take all available opportunities to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime and to protect their machines. The event will coincide with the Big Macmillan Coffee Morning so visitors to the session can enjoy coffee and cake while their mobility scooters are being micro-chipped and can support a worthwhile charity at the same time”.

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