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Benidorm hotel chain bans “Madge” mobility scooters

Holiday-makers are baffled after one of Benidorm’s biggest hotel chain groups unexpectedly banned mobility scooters.

Incensed holiday-makers voiced their horror and objections on social media and travel forums as old. infirm and disabled guests who have already booked at the company’s nine hotels in the Spanish resort of Benidorm were thrown into panic and anxiety. The mobility scooters, made famous by the character of “Madge” in theITV series Benidorm, are a common sight at hotels in the resort.

The hotel group Servigroup initiated the ban due to complaints from other guests that mobility scooters were “clogging hallways and causing accidents”. But disabled user Katherine Airson, 66, who stays at the Hotel Pueblo five times a year, says she is “absolutely disgusted”.

Katherine explained: “There is an allocated place at the Pueblo to park mobility scooters as they’re not allowed inside. It’s never been a problem in the past at the hotel. This is about the able-bodied hiring scooters when they shouldn’t be using them.”

Ms Airson added: “I have had arguments with able-bodied people blocking the parking bays and charging up their scooters. t’s unfair that they’re allowed to hire scooters. They have spoilt it for the disabled. There will be more accidents. I saw two teenage girls yesterday racing along the seafront shouting at people to, ‘Get out of the way’.”

Servigroup’s operations director said: “Part of the problem is mobility scooters are used by people for fun, drunken antics or out of sheer laziness and the needful majority of users may now have to suffer due to the selfishness of a few.”

Local radio show host David Rowland said: “They started off as a fantastic idea that allowed the more elderly and less able to enjoy their holiday, but now they are like a cheap taxi for the lazy, drunk and too-fat-to-move Brits.”

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