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British Isles Mobility Scooter Challenge

Dave Neal, a taxi driver from Burbage, is set to take a 874 mile trip from one end of the British Isles to the other – on a mobility scooter. Dave fabricated the scheme with the help of his friend and ex-TV star Bill Maynard, who happens to be a regular customer of his.

Having journeyed around the coastline of the UK on a tractor for charity back in 2010, Dave is no stranger to challenging and obscure ventures.

Ex-TV star Bill Maynard has his own opinion: “He told me the scooter idea and I thought it was brilliant and I’m delighted he’s doing it again!”

Dave’s impending challenge (which could take as long as three weeks!) will raise money for both Macmillan Cancer Support and the Huntington’s Disease Association, the second of which is very close to his heart. Bill chose the Macmillan Cancer Support, which is also very close to his heart, after seeing the astonishing work they did when a member of his family was diagnosed with cancer. The former actor, who played a part in Heartbeat, said: “Dave’s done so many other fundraisers over the years and this one is great because it brings publicity to mobility scooter users.”

Dave himself told us: “I’m really looking forward to it now. I want to raise as much as possible and the sky’s the limit. However i think if we can reach at least £4,000, so that we can give each charity £2,000 that would be great. We now have a start date of July 15 so we know when we are going. Now we have got to sort out all the equipment and all the sponsorship that will go with it all. We’ve done the tractor before and this, that and the other, so we thought we would go for the scooter as it is totally different. Also it won’t cost as much in fuel.”

Anyone wanting to get involved can call Dave on  07774 833127.

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