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Council encouraging people to switch on to mobility scooter charge stations

mobility scooter charge pointsMarlborough District Council staff are encouraging mobility scooter users to plug in and recharge using town centre power points.

Although mobility scooter users can boost their batteries using several power points within the town, the recharge areas are not being widely used.

Blenheim councillor Jenny Andrews says the recharge points were installed to help make life easier for those people relying on mobility scooters to get around. She explains: “Not everyone is aware about the charge area though it does have some regular users. Most people get into the habit of charging their mobility scooters once a day and town is a great place to be able to do that. The mobility scooters are a life line really and truly help with people’s independence. All the charge areas are at places which make good gathering points and people can come along and charge their mobility scooters while they go and have a coffee with a friend for example. It’s about the social aspect of it too.”

Blenheim has a estimated 500 mobility scooter users. Jenny says Marlborough is “ideally suited” to mobility scooter users: “It’s such a flat area and as time progresses there will be more people needing to use them and we want to make that as easy as possible.”

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