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Disabled mobility scooter driver almost reduced to crawling into Glasgow post office

mobility scooter refused entrance to glasgow post officeA disabled man was banned from his local Post Office after staff told him his mobility scooter was not allowed entry.

Raymond Brown, 47, claimed two women in the Glasgow West Nile Street branch said only three-wheeled vehicles were permitted.

When he explained his four-wheeled scooter was a pavement model it made no difference. Raymond, who has had spina bifida since birth and cannot walk, said: “I was very angry and upset.”

He continued: “I was tempted to leave my scooter outside in the street and crawl in on my hands and knees at lunchtime just to make a point.”

A member of staff immediately offered him assistance, but then informed him his mobility scooter breached regulations. By the time Raymond reached the self-service checkout, a second member of staff appeared and reiterated the branch’s position. He was informed that it was a health and safety issue and the guidelines had been drafted by head office.

Raymond added: “They said I wasn’t allowed in the store because it was a four-wheeled mobility scooter. I was effectively banned. Wherever I go, people accommodate me, from Morrisons to House of Fraser. It is the only shop in Glasgow that has banned me.”

Raymond concluded: “Discrimination is not acceptable. I am doing this in support of all disabled people and hopefully my experience will force a review of this policy.”

The Post Office said its policy had been put in place following a number of ‘near misses’. A spokeswoman commented: “We were sorry to hear of the customer’s concerns regarding the service provided at our branch in West Nile Street. The branch team were correct to suggest that there are limitations on the types of mobility scooters which can enter the counter areas of our branches. Unfortunately, there have been a number of incidents and near misses in some branches.”

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