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Disabled woman banned from driving her mobility scooter on bus

mobility scooter refused on busA disabled woman has told of her humiliation after being refused access to a bus with her mobility scooter.

Samantha Jones, 25, claims she wasn’t allowed to board the bus with her scooter, but after arguing with the driver, her fiancé was allowed to drag it on after she had been transferred into a wheelchair.

Samantha from Warrington, who suffers from Cauda Equina syndrome and chronic pain, condemned the bus company, saying she had lost her dignity in the confrontation.

She explained: “I have just lost all my independence. I might have mobility issues but we should have the same rights as everyone else.”

Her problems came in the wake of a court case that ruled bus drivers must be more accommodating to wheelchair users.

Samantha explained she had injured her hand, meaning that she was unable to use her usual wheelchair and instead needed a mobility scooter.

She added: “If I didn’t have my wheelchair, there’s no chance that I would have been able to get home. To transfer (between chairs) with people watching me wasn’t great – my dignity had been lost. It caused pain as well.”

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