The short answer is no, regardless of whether your scooter is class 2 or class 3, your mobility scooter doesn’t need insurance by law to travel on pavements or the road, but it can be worth having for a large number of reasons.

Can you get insurance for a mobility scooter? Yes, you can. The type of insurance you choose can depend on whether you only drive on pavements or regularly use it on roads.

You can also get insurance cover to provide you with protection for:

  • Breakdown recovery
  • Cover against personal assaults such as mugging
  • Cover for personal effects
  • Key cover and replacement
  • Personal accident cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Replacement scooter hire
  • Theft, accidental loss or damage

As you can build your policy to include any or all of the above cover, the cost of your insurance will vary according to what is included in your policy.

While the idea of owning and using a mobility scooter sounds excellent, it can help to understand that they are not indestructible or won’t be a target of theft. It can be very reassuring to get your mobility scooter covered against risks you may be more prone to.

For example, if you keep your mobility scooter outdoors or in a garage rather than inside your home, it will be at more risk of being stolen. If you regularly park up and leave your scooter outside a shop or someone’s house, your chances of it being stolen will significantly increase.

An inexpensive insurance policy for your mobility scooter may give you the security and confidence to use it more and expand your horizons for exploring new places.

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