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Dropped kerbs can stop mobility scooter drivers feeling like prisoners

mobility scooter drop kerbsElderly residents have won a campaign to have dropped curbs outside their homes so they can get to the local shops on mobility scooters.

A £2,800 project was rolled out in The Hollies in Maybank, Staffordshire where complaints  had been made over the pavements for some time. Now dropped kerbs have been created meaning those with mobility restrictions are able to access local amenities on their mobility scooters.

Resident Bill Finlay says the dropped kerbs will make a massive difference to people’s lives. The 75-year-old, who has a mobility scooter, said: “Before the drop kerbs we were prisoners in our own homes. I was having to take my scooter down the middle of the busy main road and I fell over twice onto my side. It made it impossible to go out to the shops as if I was to walk and I would be in agony.”

Bill is delighted the work has been carried out after a concerted 12-month campaign. The pensioner added: “It is great to have them now and be able to go out and about again. This will change the lives of quite a lot of the residents who couldn’t get out and ended up stuck in their homes or having to pay the expense of getting a taxi.”

Councillor Olszewski used cash from his local members’ fund to contribute towards the project. He said: “This has been a joint project between myself and Staffordshire Housing to install the dropped kerbs. The residents were in need and it was incredibly dangerous for them to try and get into town and they had become trapped because of the fear. We worked to get them installed and it has taken time but they are in now and the elderly can get to the shops safely without issue.”

Staffordshire Housing were also happy to contribute to the project. Housing manager David Allcock, said: “Our residents, especially those with mobility issues and with mobility aids, had difficulty getting from The Hollies down to the main footpath on The Brampton. Together with Staffordshire County Council, we installed dropped curbs to improve access. The changes have made a real difference. Our residents can now get out and about more confidently and safely.”

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