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End of the line for larger mobility scooters on Scotrail trains

A mobility scooter driver has been denied disabled access by First ScotRail as she tried to board a train at her local station in Girvan.

Mobility scooter owner Grace Tait was told that her particular size of mobility scooter was no longer allowed on Scotrail’s trains as it was considered too big.

Grace’s husband Duncan Tait explains the background: “We always rang up and booked the ramp in advance for Grace’s mobility scooter when she was going on the train but suddenly we were told this policy had changed and her particular type of mobility scooter was no longer allowed on. This has been very distressing and we have logged a complaint with ScotRail”.

Duncan Tait continues:”If this is to be the case, then people on larger mobil­ity scooters are going to be trapped in the town and unable to go anywhere. These mobility scooters are expensive and nobody can afford to buy two of them. It is completely unacceptable that only smaller mobility scooters are allowed on the trains”.

A ScotRail spokesperson said: “We feel for Mrs Tait, but we must consider the safety of mobility scooter users, other customers and our staff. A key priority is that mobility scooters can turn around while on board and fit through doors, to prevent causing an obstruction in an emergency”.

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