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Every little mobility scooter helps but not at the Aberdeen Tesco

Tesco mobility scootersAn Aberdeen resident recently criticised Tescos in Aberdeen because its only mobility scooter has been out of action for seven weeks with a puncture.

Bob Esslemont, 82, has been forced to use walking sticks during his visits to the Tesco store in Aberdeen’s Rousay Drive. It’s the second time in 12 months the mobility scooter has been out of action. Bob said he can’t under-stand why it is taking Tescos so long to fix such a simple problem at its store in Sheddocksley.

He commented: “A lot of people use the scooter and a puncture should take five minutes to fix. I go to this Tesco five times a week and for the last seven weeks the mobility scooter has been out of action. The only thing wrong with the scooter is it has a puncture, which I pointed out to them. Now, I use my walking sticks to do my groceries when the scooter would help to make it easier.”

A Tesco spokesman couldn’t give an exact time for when the mobility scooter would be fixed. He added: “Serving our customers to the very best of our ability is really important to us and we hope to have the mobility scooter operational again as soon as possible.”

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