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Five Top Tips to stop your mobility scooter being stolen

In the UK,  20,000 mobility scooters are stolen every year, with only 14% of stolen mobility scooters being recovered. Interestingly 80% of mobility scooter thefts are from the owners home, 50% of owners do not lock their scooters

Here are some quick tips to keep your mobility scooter safe –

1)      Keep you mobility scooter locked at all times when not in use, even if you are just leaving it for a short time. Chains and padlocks, disk locks, U-locks and immobilisers are all good deterrents.

2)      Another way to prevent your mobility scooter being stolen is to remove the spark plug or HT cap, it’s quick, easy and doesn’t cost you a penny.

3)      When away from home, lock your scooter to something immoveable like railings, lamp posts or bike post. Make sure chains are tight in relation  to the mobility scooter as possible and ensure they are off the ground.

4)      Always lock your mobility scooter at home. Use a cover over your mobility scooter if it is kept outside. If you can keep your scooter in an alarmed secure garage.

5)      Get your mobility scooter tagged. Tagging is a secure method of preventing theft and in the event of theft, it assists the police in identifying and returning stolen mobilityscooters to their owners.

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  1. i use scooter mobility ,i want leave my scooter on asda to take bus,is risk to be stolen

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