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Fun In The Snow With Mobility Scooters

mobility scooter in the snow
Although we at Factory Outlet Scooters recognise that Mobility Scooters offer a lifeline to people with mobility problems snow can bring out the child in all of us.

The scooter featured here broke the Guiness World Record back in 2010 when he hit 71 MPH and when the recent snow came 32 year old Colin Furze could resist taking his Mobility Scooter out for a jolly.

Although he didn’t hit quite the same speed he didn’t get up to speeds in excess of 50 MPH and as you can see from the video below his control and grace would even challenge the likes of Kimi Raikkonen.

In fact Colin found the scooter easier to handle in the snow as the steering was slightly less responsive. So if yoiu have any similar light hearted tales please send them in to us as we can all do with cheering up through the long hard winter.

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