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Grandmother and mother in shock after mobility scooter hits buggy

mobility scooter damages buggyA Grandmother and mother were shocked after a mobility scooter hit and damaged a buggy with a two-year-old girl in Cricklade Street, Cirencester.

34-year-old Jenna Monk, who came from London to visit her mother Caroline Carne, was walking down the street in Cirencester when a man on a mobility scooter flew past, hitting the buggy with her daughter.

Jenna, who suffered a shock, described the incident: “I had come in from the top end of the Market Square and I was pushing my daughter in a buggy. I walked quite slowly and this man on a scooter just came quite fast on the left and went straight into the front left side of the buggy. He didn’t stop or slow down. I had to hold the buggy as the front wheel got caught with his tyres. He just kept going.”

She continued: “He must’ve been aware because I actually shouted at him. I couldn’t run after him because I was pregnant. I was in a bit of a shock. I was more concerned about my daughter. You’re not expecting to be hit by something in that road. People don’t expect fast moving vehicles or traffic. It was a bit of a jolt but I had hold of the handles. My daughter is okay, she didn’t cry or anything but she was quite surprised as well. If I hadn’t been holding the handle, it might have turned the buggy over. Normally, when you hit something, you stop or slow down. And the buggy is completely broken. I think the person driving needs to be in control and mindful of pedestrians.”

Grandmother Caroline Carne, 67, from Meysey Hampton, said she wanted to make people aware that while cars are not allowed into the street during certain hours, people on mobility scooters who are allowed access, must still be aware of pedestrians when travelling down the street.

Caroline had been putting money in the car meter in Cirencester town centre when the incident happened and was told of the incident when she caught up with her daughter afterwards.

She said: “I didn’t see it happen. I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that you can’t have cars there but people can seem to do what they like with mobility scooters.

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