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High noon for two OAPs on mobility scooters on Jeremy Kyle Show

Two grandmothers who were not technically even guests on the Jeremy Kyle TV show but jumped in to defend their daughters who were on the ITV programme to argue over a man.jousting on mobility scooters

Angie, who had been dating Glen for six months, wanted his ex-girlfriend Gina to leave them alone. Gina’s mother became increasingly angry as she drove her mobility scooter towards the stage to make her voice heard. Angie’s elderly mother, who was also on a mobility scooter, then left her place in the audience to go backstage and confront Gina’s mother.

Social media / Twitter was illuminated by the mobility scooter madness with Semtex joking: ‘That should have been settled with a wheelchair joust’ and Kevin Bowden said such scenes could ‘only be on Jeremy Kyle’. Others commented that the show had become ‘Robot Wars’ in reference to the BBC show in which handmade robots went into battle against one another. Stephen Lee tweeted that it was all ‘hilarious’ adding the hashtag ‘granwars’.

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