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How Egg-xiting!

Is this single person Egg-shaped, open-topped single person ‘scooter’ the future of mobility scooters?

Hyundai have created a new ‘scooter’ called the ‘E4U’ that, instead of using wheels, uses a ‘rotating semi spherical part’ that works like a constantly rotating lower half of a ball.

The driver of the scooter stands on a small platform and directs the vehicle by tilting it (similar to a segway) so that different sides of the semisphere make contact with the ground.

It was unveiled last week at the Seoul Motor in South Korea, and according to Nikkei Tech-On, the ‘E4U’ works in a similar way to how a helicopter works, with the two rear wheels providing steadiness and friction just like like a helicopter’s back rotor.

The ‘E4U’ even has a built in helmet, the top half of the vehicle can also be detached and worn.

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