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How mobility scooter friendly is your town centre?

obstacles for mobility scootersAre you finding getting about on your mobility scooter increasingly difficult in your local town or city?

Complaints from mobility scooter drivers regarding cracked pavements, blocked drop kerbs and a badly designed public toilet were some of the problems mobility scooter riders and wheelchair users flagged up during an accessibility awareness day recently.

Buckingham town councillor and former mayor, Chris Strain-Clark organised the mobility scooter & wheelchair accessibility awareness day to give people a chance to see for themselves what it’s like trying to get around Buckingham if they’re in a wheelchair, or pushing one, on a mobility scooter or pushing a baby buggy. Chris Strain-Clark, who is a wheelchair user herself, explained: “The main issues were the general state of the pavements – damage to pavements, little gaps and unevenness that most people don’t notice – and the drop kerbs. So often, when you want to cross the road, there might be a drop kerb but there isn’t one on the other side. Or there’s a car parked in front of it.”

She also highlighted another point: “People on mobility scooters find it very difficult to access any of the shops because the doors are too narrow. Another problem was the actual doors. Even on the community centre, the two doors open outwards and if you’re wheeling yourself or on a mobility scooter, there’s no way you can open those doors. So you have to wait for a kind passer-by to help.”

If you are encountering problems in your local village, town or city, let us know in the Reply Box below.

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  1. Livingston, the major problem with the shopping centre is insufficient space is left for wheelchairs or pushchairs to navigate between racks containing merchandise. Livingston apart from the shopping centre the rest of the town is made up of sprawling residential areas with the major problem being the lack of drop kerbs, or drop kerbs that are of any use due to them not being low enough as well as kerbs damaged by heavy transport bumping onto the pavement, and damaging the kerb edge and cracking slabs that were not laid properly in the first place! I could go on indefinitely quoting problem area’s but it wouldn’t achieve anything constructive one last thing I would like to say is that this is a problem that is not only country wide but it is a problem that is Worldwide, and it’s not going to be rectified overnight! I rest my case!

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