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How To Choose The Right Mobility Scooter

There are a huge variety of mobility scooters out there and the choice can be totally bewildering, so where do you start? When choosing the a mobility scooter there are a number of fundamental questions you should ask yourself first in order to narrow down your search:

    off road mobility scooter

    There is a model of mobility scooter to suit every need

  • Where are you likely to be using it?- Will it be mainly used outdoors or indoors and if outdoors will it mostly be for town use where a pavement mobility scooter will suffice or will it need to be a bit more rugged for excursions in the countryside in which case you may favour the stability of a four wheel road mobility scooter over the¬†manoeuvrability¬†of a three wheeler.
  • Are you likely to be putting it into a car? – If this is the case then you need to be looking at the lightweight folding range of mobility scooters.
  • How far will you be travelling in it between charges? – It goes without saying that the longer the distance the more heavy duty the scooter battery needs to be. Not only will a road mobility scooter offer you this but the also provide increased speed and things like lights and horn etc. to make it fully road legal
  • How heavy are you? – The weight range of mobility scooters can vary greatly so make sure you are within the weight limit of the models you are looking at.
  • Where will you need to store and charge it? – If you have to keep your mobility scooter in the house then you will need a very compact or portable model.

These are just a few of the more general questions you need to ask yourself to narrow down your search and we shall be looking at other things to look for over the coming weeks.

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