Speed is an essential part of any mobility scooter. At first glance, you might believe electric scooters are remarkably slow, but thanks to enhancements in motors and battery power efficiency, these modes of transport are surprisingly fast. It is possible for electric scooters to reach speeds of up to 42kph allowing them to keep pace with certain other motorized vehicles on the roadway. However, the speed largely depends on how much you are willing to pay. The higher priced the electric scooter, the faster it will go, but there are some things you can do to enhance the speed of your mobility scooter. Here are just a few suggestions.

1) Add More Battery Power

When you want anything mechanical to go faster, you must increase its access to available power. Where there is little to be done about motor capacity if you are not already trained in that area, you can add additional battery power to your mobility scooter. Batteries for mobility scooters tend to be compact and can easily be paired together to increase speed output and overall range.

However, one thing to remember when performing this task is to carefully consider how much speed based on power the motor can handle. You will also have to consider the age of your current battery. In many instances, power can be increased by simply replacing your current battery, so if it has been a few years since you initially purchased your mobility scooter, have the battery checked for power output before adding on more.

2) Rewind the Motor

Rewinding the motor of your mobility scooter is an option for increasing its power output. Over time, motors can become lose in areas and provide less torque to the device. Less torque translates to less power, and the driving force behind most motors is the interior springs. Depending on the model of your device, it might have more than one spring. Rewinding the motor means carefully winding the spring to make it more powerful. Be considerate of other parts of your motor before attempting this. If you are not mechanically minded, consider getting help from a professional, so you do not damage additional components of your motor.

3) Remove Speed Limiter

Like other forms of transportation, mobility scooters have a speed regulator in place to maintain speeds according to specific laws and safety measures. The speed limiter can be removed if you want more power to your device. However, this is something that must be done by a technician or someone with mechanical knowledge of motors, in general, so do not attempt to remove the speed limiter if you are not properly trained to do so. You can potentially, permanently damage the machine.

Once the speed limiter has been removed, you can travel at swift speeds far beyond the manufacturer’s original format, but you will also notice a drastic deficiency in range of your device. Due to increased speeds, your device will drain battery power quicker. For optimal speed and power regulation, consider removing the speed limiter and adding an additional battery.

4) Weight Reduction

Mobility scooters are designed to regulate speed based on how much weight is placed on the device. Each mobility scooter maintains a weight limit, but the less weight you can place on the device, the faster it will go. Reducing the weight of the rider as well as the device will improve performance. Among the largest contributor to weight in a mobility scooter is its battery. By upgrading the battery to a lighter, yet more powerful one, you can reduce weight while increasing power output.

5) Change Tires

Although this might not seem like a significant issue, the tires put on your mobility scooter can add or depreciate speed. Generally, most mobility scooters maintain air filled tires for optimal grip and suspension requirements, but changing to airless tires can help you get more speed. This change will not drastically change speed, but when combined with other tips on increasing your mobility scooter’s speed, it should present some substantial results.

6) Change Sprockets

Mobility scooters have sprockets on both sets of tires. Standard sprockets maintain optimal speed for the wheels, but upgrades are available. If you want to significant improve the speed of your mobility scooter, consider changing out all sprockets. This is something you will have to take the device to an expert for, but it sill vastly improve overall performance. High performance sprockets can increase speed considerably and professionals can point you in the right direction for upgrading your device’s sprockets.


Speed is essential and if you are to truly enjoy your mobility scooter, you do not want to be held back by lack of power. Take the time to examine your mobility scooter and determine what steps you need to take to improve its performance. Each one is different, so adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult a professional technician before working on interior components of your device.

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