Electric mobility scooters have brought freedom to millions of people that need assistance getting around. Rather than be confined to your home due to declining age, infirmity or disability, owning a mobility scooter has enabled people to carry on working and living an independent life.

However, the speed of mobility scooters has been limited or capped for safety reasons. No one wants to feel like their scooter can run out of control, especially if your dexterity or health condition affects your hand control, strength or hand-eye coordination.

It is not uncommon for you to want to enjoy zipping around at a higher speed, especially if you have been used to many years of driving a car. You can adjust your mobility scooter and remove the pre-set speed limiter to enable you to move your scooter at a faster speed.

Maintaining an average speed

When you buy a new mobility scooter, it will be delivered pre-set to only reach but never exceed a top speed. This is usually between 4 to 8 miles per hour.

These speed caps are placed on mobility scooters to help reduce the risk of accidents and injury to the mobility scooter user and any pedestrians or other road or pavement users around you.

As mobility scooters are powered by batteries rather than an engine, they run far more silently than a car or other vehicle with an engine. This means that the people around you may struggle to hear you approaching, especially if other distracting background noises are going on that are louder than your mobility scooter.

If you are still keen to remove the speed limiter from your scooter, you must take extra care not to drive too fast in busy areas where there is more risk of people stepping in front of you or stopping abruptly because they are unaware of your presence.

How to remove a speed limiter

Please note that removing the speed limiter on some scooter makes and models may be impossible.

If you have a sport model…

The process is more straightforward if you have a sports model scooter with an uphill speed boost option.

With the sports model, you simply turn on the display and press and hold the hand brake in place. Click the power button and move the cursor to P3 using the light button. Press the Set or S button to save the setting. This will save the setting in the uphill speed boost mode, and you will be able to drive faster.

Re-writing the controller software…

If you don’t have the sports model uphill speed boost option, then you can try rewriting the controller software. But be warned – this can be quite a complicated procedure, so you may want to get help from an expert if you don’t think you can do this yourself.

Bear in mind that if you do rewrite the controller software, you will violate your warranty. Therefore, you won’t be able to get any assistance for your mobility scooter under warranty. Also, if you get it wrong, it may render your mobility scooter unusable.


In conclusion, you can remove the speed cap on your mobility scooter by yourself, but is it wise to do so? These vehicles are speed capped for safety reasons. The best way to get the top speed out of your scooter is to ensure that you are running it on fully charged batteries. Low batteries can affect your acceleration rate and top speed, so it is best to keep your batteries topped up for maximum speed.

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