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Jeremy Kyle escapes his TV show on getaway mobility scooter!!

jeremy kyle on mobility scooter

Jeremy Kyle fans were entertained after the TV presenter stole a studio guest’s mobility scooter during a debate and took it for a spin around the TV studio.

Seemingly exasperated at an argument breaking out over a “sleazy” 70-year-old who was “trying to seduce” another man’s wife, Jeremy Kyle started fiddling with the mobility scooter which was to the side of the stage. While two guests rowed between themselves, Jeremy Kyle alighted the mobility scooter and started playing with the controls and drove on an excursion around the studio corridors.

The mobility scooter belonged to John, 70, (left) who was alleged to have been trying to seduce Tony’s (right), 51, wife. Accidentally putting the mobility scooter in reverse, Jeremy Kyle was driven backwards at first, before working out how to use the controls.

Jeremy Kyle then sat down on the mobility scooter and started flying around the studio and down the hallways backstage, completely ignoring the two men’s dispute. Unperturbed by Jeremy Kyle’s actions, the two men carried on with their bickering as if nothing was happening with the playful host.

Fans soon took to Twitter, calling it the best thing they’d watched on daytime TV. One said: “Jeremy Kyle riding around the studio on a guest’s mobility scooter whilst they argue is the best thing I’ve seen all week.” Another commented: “He’ll be in the next fast and furious film with that mobility scooter #jeremykyle.”

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