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Last of the Summer Wine boy racers on mobility scooters

Whilst the majority of us will try and grow old with a certain grace and decorum, mobility scooter owners and “boy” racers Ron Williams, 91, and John Crowther, 87, are determined to live life in the fast lane in the village of Ribchester in Lancashire.

Former Preston Trades Council vice-chairman and one-time JP Ron and former village joiner John used their mobility scooters to get out and about and enjoy the heatwave summer of 2013. In recent years Ron and John had found their freedom restricted, enduring great difficulty walking and generally getting about.

As so many older people have discovered, a mobility scooter can transform your life and that of others, as noted by local “Poet Laureate” Roger Dolphin, who has dedicated a poem to the Last of the Summer Wine pair entitled “Boy Racers”-

Boy Racers

“It isn’t Ribby’s teenagers who drive their cars too fast

And make pedestrians jump in fear as they motor past.

No, a pair of senior citizens, who average eighty-nine,

John Crowther and Ron Williams, decided it was time,

They got improved mobility so they could trawl the streets

Each got himself a mobility scooter: far quicker than the feet…”


Although a bit of humorous fun, this story emphasises how important mobility scooters are to the elderly, infirm and disabled in giving them back their freedom and access to a full and active life.

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